hey everyone is about to get a late

welcome back to my channel so today's

video is different it was kind of a

random it's not really I mean is video

obviously I'm filming it's just random

um mine I don't even if I'm going to

upload this but I thought I would film

me going to around going to them go into

a waitress event with my mom and my two

friends and it's a wine tasting event

its wine tasting this gin it's like

spirits and stuff like that so alcohols

basically 18 plus and I just thought I'm

gonna film this day but then I thought

be quite cool to see how many like

drinks it takes me to get drunk

obviously there are vegan alcohols and

um who said that I was like the

healthiest vegan in the world I'm not

being honest from 12 o'clock to or four

and then they have gin rooms and they

have cocktail rooms where you get to

learn how to make cocktails are you like

you get to see them make cocktails for

you make you drink them so that's what

I'm gonna do today may or may not upload

this depends how messy it gets that'd be

fun so let's see if I'm a lightweight or

a I Know Who I am

scroll down to the comment section right

before the end of the video whether you

think I am a lightweight or what do you

think I can handle my drinks okay so you

can put handles your drink on

lightweight see to the end of the video

how how I get in how many drinks it

takes for my seeker to get drunk so I

hope you enjoy this video I'm using my

phone I'm gonna take a big off camera

into this place I'm just gonna just film

you know here and there so yeah if you

see this video then that means that I

uploaded when I was drunk don't drink

kids only friendly Channel


drink one here we have a slightly tipsy

person trying to copy the wine

connoisseurs by elegantly swirling the

beverage in the glass to somehow make it

taste better mission unsuccessful


I don't know what Rick misses I think

this is like poutine maybe maybe you

drink me




my next stage rise where my next stage

go ice thank you this tastes like

waffles apple cinnamon and making

circles for together



waste 30 minutes



to us

all should be down the bag







don't don't work


this is vanilla vegan excuse me hello I

just want to know why we have we never

why don't I


it's the end of the day these are feel

friendly look mukbang gone Mike they're

sad times

oh haha anything I'm over my recording

thanks for watching this was just for

fun purposes only I'm not encouraging

anybody to drink because you didn't see

the effect that has on me this is more

of an informative video and I'm a test


so thanks for watching and I will see

you in my next video bye kid-friendly