how to style: windbreaker jacket (2017)

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straight into how I would style the

windbreaker jacket so the first thing

that I want to clear up is defining what

a windbreaker is now if you look on the

internet and search and vintage sites

they will say that this is a windbreaker

this is a windbreaker and this is a

windbreaker and all are technically

correct according to Wikipedia a

windbreaker or a wind cheetah is a thin

coat designed to resist wind chill and

light rain and over the years that

windbreaker has come in many shapes and

sizes and definitely a lot of colors but

when I think of windbreakers I think of

this 80's zip harp loud colors so I went

to that a sauce marketplace and I bought

myself a windbreaker jackets

specifically for this video so I let me

introduce you to this jackets so this is

the windbreaker jacket that I'll be

styling today it's a vintage nautical

windbreaker very nice graphic on the

inside of the jacket really nice touch

even though no one's gonna see it it's

just nice that it's there another reason

that I've got this jacket was because of

the colors the green the purple the

orange on the inside so in my head this

is what I imagine a windbreaker to be

and I've decided to wear it for the rest

of the video so the first outfit that I

paired with this particular windbreaker

jacket is a plain white t-shirt

tucked into a pair of vintage Tommy

Hilfiger jeans enrolled at the bottom

and I paired the pair with a pair of

feeler disruptors now for this

particular look I just wanted to hit the

nail in the head I wondered to have that

Marty McFly bat in the future and I

think we definitely achieved this I

decided to use a neutral color like

white because you can never go wrong

with the plain white t-shirt

most of my how to style videos always

start with the plain white tee shirts

but the purpose of this t-shirt is to

specifically not to clash with the

jacket loke in its entirety and it just

lets the windbreaker do its job at being

the main piece of this outfit so we

tucked in the plain white t-shirt into a

pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans and chose

these Tommy Hilfiger jeans because of

their light wash I just think it

complements the windbreaker really well

goes with the plain white t-shirt and it

just carries on with that vintage float

and of course we pin rolled these jeans

because I've pin roll everything I would

pin roll my bed sheets if I could and of

course we are wearing the feely

disruptors because I wanted a chunky

shoe just around off this outfit so the

feely disruptors are just a very nice

finishing touch they do a very good job

with being clunky shoes so that is the

first outfit I would wear with the

windbreaker plain white t-shirt the

Tommy Hilfiger jeans and the feeling

disrupt is Back to the Future Ark Marty

McFly moving on to the next outfit so

the next outfit that I would pair with

the windbreaker is the complete opposite

of the first outfit color wise and

silhouette wise because we are wearing a

thrifty Calvin Klein black t-shirts

Dickies 8:03 trousers you know the

skinny fit ones and we are wearing a

pair of bands old schools so yeah again

with this outfit with the black t-shirt

I didn't want to draw any attention to

the t-shirt I wanted the windbreaker to

be the main piece of this outfit and

silhouette wise I wanted to change it up

a little bit in the first outfit we made

it super baggy we went full Marty McFly

you could have worn the first outfit to

an 80s costume party and nobody would

have been the wiser but I feel that this

outfit is a little bit more wearable in

everyday situations this is an outfit

that you can just throw on and watertown

in it's definitely a lot more low-key

than the first outfit so in other words

there's a lot more functional and of

course this interchangeable as well you

can switch out the black t-shirt for a

white t-shirt I wouldn't want to add a

lot of color in the t-shirt just because

in my personal opinion

if you match the loudness of color on

your t-shirt then it takes something

away from the colors of the windbreaker

but I don't know that's just my personal

opinion so I've called the second outfit

you can wear this out in a bath I'm

adding matting Matty

moving on to the third outfits soap for

the third outfit I decided to take the

Loki look and throw it out the window

and I thought to myself can you make PE

teachers look cool and that's what

inspired this outfit so on the top end

of this outfit I am wearing a vintage

thrifted Nike polo shirt I tucked it

into a pair of great Nike tracksuit

bottoms pin rolled at the bottom because

you know we've gone through this and on

foot we are wearing some air max 90

wives in some nice variations of grapes

so yeah for some strange reason I fought

let's look like a PE teacher today I

can't imagine myself being a PE teacher

what would they call me mister mate no

delete this yeah I decided to have a

little bit of fun with this outfit

experiment with a couple of things but

in my personal opinion I think it's

somewhat works on a level I think the

polo t-shirt complements the windbreaker

really well it doesn't seem too out of

place it's just there doing its thing

being a polo shirt minding its own


tucked itself into a pair of tracksuit

trousers it's a polite polo and of

course we are wearing the tracksuit

bottoms I just thought it would be a

nice sportswear touch windbreaker can be

seen as a sportswear top so complete the

look with a pair of sportwear tracksuit

bottoms and I'm wearing the MX 95 for my

own personal preference you can wear any

type of shoes with these windbreakers as

long as the shoes aren't challenging the

wind breakup the loudness everyone's

happy it's all hunky-dory

so yeah the third outfit is PE teacher

art mr. main No so the next outfit I

have to show you is in fact the last

outfit I wanted to see if we could

smarten up the windbreaker a little bit

so I decided to wear this brown Roenick

jumper my estas pleats of trousers and

my old school vans again now I know I

said before that I don't really like

colors on the t-shirt because I think

they clashed with the windbreaker but

I've beaten that certain colors like

this particular brown on this row neck

doesn't interfere with the windbreaker

it doesn't challenge the loudness

doesn't clash it's just minding its own

business so these two items of clothing

can get a lot upon reflection I do think

of white row neck or back row neck might

have worked a little bit better but I

can only play with the cards and dealt

with but I still mean that this color of

Roenick worked well with the windbreaker

the pleated trousers adding

the sophistication of this outfit again

they're minding their own business and

of course the article Vantage's they're

being vans so yeah there's not really

much to say about this look again I just

wanted to see if I could smile enough

the windbreaker it turns out you

somewhat can it just shows how versatile

the windbreaker is no matter how crazy

the colors are how mad the patterns are

everybody needs a light jacket in their

wardrobe and those are the four ways

that I would style my windbreaker jacket

I have to admit this video could have

been a lot longer simply because I had a

lot of different ideas in my head of how

to style the windbreaker but at the end

of the day I've just boiled it down to

the fact that the windbreaker is in fact

a versatile jacket you can style it in a

lot of different ways sportswear casual

Street where you can incorporate this

jacket in a number of different styles a

number of different looks the

possibilities are endless

again I might touch down on this jacket

once more in a future video but for now

those are my four outfits so let me know

in a comment section down below which

one of these outfits was your favorite

personally I quite liked the first

outfit hit the nail on the head Back to

the Future Marty McFly how would you

start with a windbreaker jacket

what windbreaker jackets of you got and

for anything else windbreaker related

please leave your comments in the

comment section down below

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