How does a windvane work


my house okay this is going to be a

video about how a wind vane works pay

attention because there'll be a test

afterwards so this is a Rube Goldberg

type of contraction travel and it's

geared for those utilizing the wind

start from the front or is it pops that

is the date

and at the moment the wind is coming

from over there somewhere and that means

if you look closely you'll see that the

vein is actually turned that way that's

the leading edge of the aim right there

leading edge so if the wind is blowing

directly on that edge the vane will

stand upright if the wind is not

directly on it it will move either


why didn't move forward or backward

right here fulcrum and you can see that

fulcrum usable in the rod depending on

which way the vane goes will now either

go up or down down there another pin up

and down that other pin

it's connected to what in reality is

like a rack and pinion steering meaning

there's two sets of years these things

are actually curved so when that rod

moves upwards for example the teeth on a

grab hold some other teeth and turn back

slightly when it turns water pressure

then moves it from one to one side in

this case you can see all the way out

that when he moved to that side it is

pulling strange thing that piece Ripley

that's here change across here so

through that pulley there

across the pool there comes around those

pool there and onto this drum here she

just turned tiny bit out one of the

marks of a really good sailor

get your sails from her would be in the

trimming sails so the boat virtually

itself is what we're seeing here because

you see the wheels not moving very much

for the boats sailing more or less

himself it's called the wind day and it

uses no electricity and this is an areas

when vain the particular one here is

very old probably at least thirty years

old it was invented the area's I think

the first real production line of wind

vane was a guy named Nichols Brett they

started building them in the 60s the

early sixties before that were wind vane

things people build one time by

themselves it isn't probably thirty

years old works just fine as you can see

there's all kinds of things

you steer by bees so you pull on this

and that turns the vane a little bit the

wind Bane and we turned the wind vane a

little bit now but meeting the wind will

come in and force that to move and the

boat will turn until everything's back

in equilibrium again and actually this

is a very very very

so test in five minutes prepares