How to Make a Wikipedia Page

are you ready to start sharing your

knowledge with Wikipedia and the world

great this tutorial will go over how to

create your very own article on

Wikipedia I'm Allison from tech boomers

comm and I'll show you how to make a

Wikipedia page in this tutorial you'll

learn where and how to access your

sandbox how to format your Wikipedia

page and how to save and preview your

article remember you need an account on

Wikipedia to create an article check out

our Wikipedia accounts tutorial if you

don't have an account yet in the upper

right corner click login enter your

username and password and then log in

you'll notice that the menu in the top

right corner has changed click on the

word sandbox your sandbox is your

personal editing space where you can

practice how to create and edit pages

you can even submit new pages to

Wikipedia once they're done here are

some quick formatting options you can

click the be or I to quickly toggle

whether your text will appear bold

italicized both or neither if you click

the pen icon you can add a quick

signature or timestamp

if you have one click the chain icon to

add a link to your article you can

choose whether this link will go summer

within Wikipedia or to a different

website click and type the link you want

to add in the box then click insert link

type inside this formatting to add extra

characters click here to type in the

file name of an image you have and also

give it a caption then you can put it in

your Wikipedia article under quick

reference click here to add a quick

citation a citation is useful to allow

other users to know where you got your

information in fact check the claims you

make in your article under Advanced

Options you can further customize your

article such as creating bulleted or

numbered lists increasing or decreasing

the size of your text or inserting a

table into your article here you can

access special characters click to add

them to your text click help to see

examples of how to type text in your

article so that it shows up properly

this is a great guide if you don't know

how to do something right away click

site to see two

that will help you reference other

sources of information including detail

ways to cite different types of sources

including books academic journals and

other webpages in here is the main

window this is where the magic happens

click in this box and start typing to

give life to your article similar to the

special characters menu you can click on

one of the symbols here to insert it

into your article you can also click the

drop down menu and select what type of

symbols you'd like to use when you're

done you can click show preview to see

what your article will actually look

like once it's on Wikipedia if you like

what you see you can click save page if

you're satisfied and want to try to make

your page available for everyone who

visits Wikipedia click Submit your draft

for review then click save page again

when you get to the next screen you'll

probably get plenty of feedback from the

community on things that are good or can

be improved don't be discouraged if your

article doesn't pass the first time just

take the feedback you get into

consideration and try again

or ask for help on a talk page either

way you've taken your first step towards

contributing to a global archive of

shared knowledge want to learn more

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