What is a Black Dwarf?

a bled dwarf for now is only a

theoretical stellar remnant a white

dwarf that has cooled down and it no

longer a Mets significant heat or light

basically a black dwarf is the final

stage of the lifecycle of a sun-like

star when the Sun burns all of its

hydrogen to helium its core will shrink

and it will rearrange itself expanding

its outer layers to form a red giant



in this stage it will burn helium for

the next hundred million years into

carbon and when it's out of helium it

will once again rearrange itself so now

that the Sun won't be dense enough to

fuse carbon and two other heavier

elements it will slowly shed its outer

layers and become a white dwarf

but in this stage the Sun will still

remain hot for some time much like a

stove burner still emits heat even when

it has been turned off so the white

dwarf will still be radiating heat and

energy for the next tens of hundreds of

billion years until it runs out of heat

now that the Sun has no heat or light

you can call it a black dwarf but no

black dwarf has ever been observed

because there's tomato cooling time for

a white dwarf isn't a trillionth of

yours it is unlikely that there is any

black dwarf in our universe which is all

the 12 to 18 billion years old even if a

white dwarf had formed at the moment of

the Big Bang which is impossible since

the start must pass through several

evolutionary stages that take at least a

billion years total it would still be a

white dwarf today having not yet

sufficiently cooled but even if they

existed it would still be nearly

impossible to see them because of the

lack of radiation