Viking Whetstones - Made in the USA!

all right everybody we are here at Dan's


in Arkansas this is our manufacturer for

the Viking necklace pendant and we're

currently working on version two

we actually got a prototype made that we

deliver back to them and they use that

to design the newest one and we're happy

to be going up through Arkansas anyway

to a climbing event the horseshoe held

24 so we stopped in here to kind of get

a little behind-the-scenes look at how

our wet stones are made and really want

to share that with you guys so I'll take

you through the process here just kind

of a quick nitty-gritty of what's going


operation here stones of all shapes and



parts but the real magic we can still

get there

everybody's wrapping up the day here

really great places this place has been

family owned for 30 plus years and just

awesome people taking us through the

whole process and I'll give you a quick

rundown all right so out here we've got

some of the raw stimulants

now you can see they run away back there

quarried quarried nearby they're trucked

in they come in all various hardnesses

drum soft medium hard and the ultra fine

black but what we're doing here ours is

this type of material it's the medium

soft general-purpose so it's a little

easier to machine and we try and get as

much of this this color pattern as we

can so they bring in these chunks they

block them down into manageable sizes

and hopefully they still got

still our students come here


besides my hand in comparison to that


and that is going to chunk these clerk

walks into you

rocks down into a six-inch big slabs


this guy here is working the magical


that steps a little out of order that's

way get the dimensional tolerances so we

come into here and we head down this

line so this is where we make smaller

cuts into little blocks so all various

shapes of sizes again

and this is where we get them cut into

individual little slices so this is

gonna result in them being little tiny

rectangles continue on down the process

this side of the facility is where they

do the harder materials you can see this

is a little shinier translucent and this

black stuff is just amazing

this is superfine they use that in

medical I think they they told us a

story that there's one company that uses

it to actually cut the head off of a

fruit fly without killing the

and that's how sure if they can make

their bleeds using that black stone once

we get our little ripped angles shaped

out and dimension properly or roughed

out dimension front really to come into

the finishing area in here you see we've

still got

over here is working on







why're you here alright so

so it is a ground down

corner sheets makes them

musically doing the job

come back


where we put in


down through here

this is where we get the hold so the now

cut edges allow the bowl to line up

punch out that hole and last


to get that sheep



as in math


with this handcrafted

student pinyin

people here


three o'clock men tick now

here and


the Creator


good feet