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what is the leading cause of wheel

bearing failure counterintelligence is

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guys I'm mark Phillips today we're

talking bearings and hub units in my

last video we reviewed how hub units

have made life easier for not only you

as a parts professional but your

technician customer and ultimately the

motorists out on the road in review hub

assemblies are number one unitized that

means they're all in one unit that makes

sense to me number two they're

maintenance-free number three they

contain non serviceable parts that are

preset pre-greased and pre sealed number

four they ease installation and increase

product reliability for enhanced

performance but let's talk about when

bearings go bad one of the leading

causes of failure is the seal after all

the inside of a bearing can be a hot

place when a bearing is cooling off the

contracting metal air and lubricant can

create a vacuum that is usually held by

the seals if the seals are worn and

can't hold the vacuum the bearing or

sealed hub unit will suck in the outside

air debris and water in some parts of

the country that use salt on the roads

it can almost be as corrosive as ocean

water on the wheel bearings as these

contaminants circulate throughout the

grease and between the races and the

bearings the components where once a

bearing is worn the wear rate is

accelerated by seals that no longer keep

out the contaminants and increased heat

may break down and eventually expel the

lubricants this is a slippery slope that

could quickly lead to catastrophic

failure an inexpensive bearing may look

the same as a high-quality bearing but

sometimes it's what you can't see that

makes a difference between a comeback

and a satisfied customer well that's it

for today i'm mark phillips and thanks

for watching this episode of