Wedding Ceremony Order of Events Video

what's up everybody welcome back to our

video blog series with the legend Randy

Bennett yeah and myself

Joba from one DJ company here in Raleigh

North Carolina want to talk today about

the traditional or typical order of a

Christian wedding ceremony like how

things usually happen yeah a lot of

people ask us like what's the order

because they don't do this every weekend

like we do here you go

so start with the entrance of the

bride's grandparents coming down the

aisle and then the entrance of the

groom's grandparents the entrance of the

bride's mother because the father's

gonna be walking her down the aisle just

be her mother

and then the groom's parents right so

after you've gotten the grandparents and

the parents hand you'll usually see the

groom and the efficient come in together

maybe from somewhere not down the aisle

on the side yeah usually off to the side

his groomsmen will usually follow him

and then usually down the aisle I would

say would be the bridesmaids yep they

seem to be a really important part and

then of course your two most cute

members of the bridal party do the all

limit is the ring bearer and the flower

girl and then the bride is going to come

down with her escort father uncle

brother and then the ceremony goes up


so the ceremony goes on and if you'll

watch another video we just recently

shot about some in sterling there's the

link right some other interesting things

that happen during the ceremony but you

know the order is usually pretty much

the same yeah who gives this bride the

vows exchanging of the Rings a few last

words out of being bada-boom they're

married and then the recessional and

then obviously the recession of the

wedding party in the opposite order of

what we just said yeah that's pretty

much it that's it any closing I do I'm

sure what do you call a cow that only

has two late week

a lien be terrible thanks for watching

guys appreciate it