How to Manage, Edit and Change Your Website

hi I'm going to give you a quick tour of

how our system works and this is a great

video to watch whether you're exploring

using our services or if you are a new

user that is signed up and you're

wanting to get started using the tools

within our system to build and manage

your website so initially you'll be

presented with a website that has a

bunch of pre laid out components and

what I'm going to do in this video is

I'm going to cover what all of those

components are I'm going to show you how

to use the template system to manage the

design and make some changes then I'm

going to also show you how to create a

new page and manipulate the content

within that page and then lastly I'll go

through these menus across the top of

the screen which are all the menus

inside your website manager that will

allow you to make the modifications and

changes that you need moving forward

okay so first off let's talk about the

way the site is laid out now keep in

mind that this is just a demonstration

there are multiple templates in here all

of these things can be shifted around

and moved colors changed and all of that

can be handled over here in the design

panel which we'll talk about on the

left-hand side of the screen here in a


so first off we have headers this black

bar at the top of the screen that you're

looking at that is the website

management menu bar and everything that

you need to manage the website can be

accessed through that bar the design

functions are over here on the left hand

side of the screen and if you move your

mouse over to the left the design panel

will pull out and then you have all

kinds of options in here with these

menus and we'll talk about all that in

just a minute the layout of your website

there are banners the nür menus and

these menus can have drop-down menus

inside of those up to four levels and

then we have content which is the

information inside the pages of your


those those pages can have multiple

blocks of content and we recommend

breaking things up into blocks so that

they're easier to manage and shift

around and to delete if you want to

remove a piece of content and then down

at the bottom here we have a footer in

this footer there are multiple items

links to areas within your site your

business hours contact information links

to all your favorite social networks

again all of this can be manipulated

we'll talk about that in a second and

you actually can even hide this entire

footer bar if you don't want this

information displayed and then down at

the bottom obviously some final

information which is your terms of use

in your privacy and security copyright

information and then your admin link

down here on the bottom right-hand

corner this is how you will access the

administration area of your website to

make any changes throughout the site so

when you first go to your website scroll

down to the bottom click on this admin

link and that will take you to the

screen ok so that's how the

site's laid out now let's talk about how

to manipulate all these components ok so

the first thing you'll want to do is go

under the menu bar up here under site

settings and under the settings area

you're going to want to go through each

of the items in the submenu list there

may be a fourth one and maybe some

additional menu items that this is

something that if these items have been

added since this video was made but

basically everything under the settings

menu is part of the foundation of your

website so you want to make sure that

everything in here is accurate so just

click on each one of these menu items go

in scroll down through the information

inside that page make sure that

everything is accurate that's in here

and hit save then move on to the next

menu the mobile and business location

settings this is very important this

manages the information that shows up on

the mobile version of your website as

well as the information that shows up

down here in the footer under your

business hours and contact information

all of that is managed right in here

there will be some default

information that we will have

pre-populated with based on what you

gave us when you signed up for your

website and then you want to go in and

manipulate that you can do that just by

clicking on the name of the location or

you can add additional locations of like

clicking on this button over here up

here on the top just want to point this

out this is one way there are multiple

ways throughout the site for you to look

at your site as it will look on a mobile

device but from in this men in this

particular menu this is the link that

will allow you to do that it will pull

up a standard mobile phone screen so

that you can take a look at what your

website is going to look like on a

mobile device as you are making changes

to the website so those hours and

directions and things I was just

pointing out all of those buttons appear

on mobile devices right here at the

bottom and so you want to make sure that

that information has been entered into

this thing correctly okay and then the

last item is the social network settings

again click on that menu item and go in

there and make sure that all of that

information is correct we currently when

your site first gets set up we will have

a lot of our social media stuff in here

just to show you how it works here's how

you add your Facebook like buttons if

you want to do that all of this stuff is

optional if you want any of these icons

to appear as they're showing down here

all you have to do to make that happen

is copy and paste the web address for

your Twitter page for your Facebook page

your LinkedIn page and so on and once

that is provided the information or that

icon will appear right here for people

to click on just on a side note we've

also provided some links in here that

take you to the business area of each of

these social media networks so that you

can get some more information on for

instance how to use Pinterest for


if you click on this link it will open

up the business area of Pinterest so

that you can get some more education

from them on how to utilize their

service in a business environment okay

and we've provided those kinds of links

for all of these social media networks

just for some added convenience for you

okay now over here on the left hand side

let's talk about the design first thing

you want to do after you're done

verifying all those settings is start

manipulating the design of your site the

way you do that is to slide over here on

the left hand menu this menu will slide

out and you have some options first

thing you'll be presented with some

color palettes you can click on those to

manipulate the colors in the site and

then you you can manipulate those colors

further right inside these separate

areas so let's say we wanted to

manipulate the menu colors a little bit

more you can come in here and you can

make more changes in here that will

affect the the colors inside those

various components every time you

multiple manipulate any changes inside

the color palettes the templates or the

designs you need to save those changes

before you start customizing otherwise

the customization effects that you're

attempting to use won't work because you

first have to save the initial color

palette or template choices that you've

made okay so let's go over to the

templates menu which is the next item to

switch between templates all you have to

do is check this checkbox and the site

will relay itself out based on those

changes so just so you can get a better

feel here let's go back to the home page

so you can see some content in this

process and so this content and

everything that's in this page will stay

intact while you switch between the

templates and you can get a feel for all

the different templates go ahead and

switch to them you can scroll around

look at how that manipulates the menu

bars and the banners up at the top of

the screen once you find a layout that

you lie

can you want to work with all you have

to do is hit save now keep in mind

what's going to happen is going to ask

you to save this as a new design so you

have your original design which is the

design that your site will come with

when you first sign into it then you can

click new design and you can save this

new design that we're building by typing

in a new name right there and then

hitting save again with everything that

I'm showing you we have very detailed

videos that will show you how to do all

of these things as well so you want to

go take a look at those there's a

section in our video tutorials under the

help menu there's an online video

tutorials link that will pop up our

video system when you look at this

you'll see menus down the left-hand side

that will show you how to do things so

for instance customizing your site

design right here we have a video that

talks about choosing website templates

here's another video on creating

multiple designs so just click on that

the video will load hit play and you'll

get some more in-depth information on

how to do a lot of the things within

your website if you're trying to search

and you don't know where to look for the

video in this list you can also use the

sub menu or the search menu up here at

the top so let's say you're looking to

change the password if you just start

typing password you'll be presented with

some options so you want to change your

email password go ahead and click that

hit Search

the video will load over here and you'll

be instantly taken to that item in the

search menu in the list of all the

videos that are included okay so that's

how the support video system works and I

would definitely encourage you to take a

look around in here there's lots of

videos to look at and it'll help you get

more familiar with what's possible okay

so back over to the design panel once

you've selected a template and you hit

save now you'll be able to start using

these components to make changes to that


okay let's go up here to the top and

let's look at these other items in this

menu so we have a design menu this will

allow you to manage your banners so you

can go in here and change all the

banners you can manipulate them crop

resize there's all kinds of things you

can do in there this also applies to

tile images and advertisements if you

want to put those in the left or right

hand column of the pages in your site

there's another video all about using

the left or right hand column function

image editing if you don't have access

to a program like Photoshop this tool is

awesome and it is an online service it's

completely free it's called Pixlr it's

created by Autodesk and they have a very

advanced version an Express system which

a lot easier to use if you just want to

do some basic manipulation add some text

to some banners things like that and

then they have another one that's more

of just a fun tool that lets you add

some retro effects and things to your

images speaking of images the next

option in here is a link to both

iStockphoto and big stock these are

companies that we recommend that you go

to to buy images for your website all of

the banners that your site is preloaded

with those were all purchased from I

stock or big stock so you can go there

and buy your own own images to use for

your website their services are very

easy to use and again we have videos in

our tutorial library on how exactly to

use iStockphoto to go and search and buy

images as well as big stock under the

pages and content there's a place here

to go and edit and manage all of your

pages inside your website it's a very

simple system to use click on that you

can go take a look at how that works

and then you can also create new pages

and work on the left and right hand


embed RSS feeds you can create fent

friendly URLs for marketing purposes you

can also create pop-up menus with

advertisements that appear on the home

page of your site

and you want to take a look at a video

on how to do that if that's of interest

under the Meany area this is where you

can manage all the images in your site

all of the PDFs and other documents you

can up also upload audio and video files

for people to link to

I wouldn't recommend uploading large

videos I would use a service like

YouTube to do that again we have videos

on how to use YouTube to do things like

that in your website and then how to

embed those videos the email and website

security area this is where you can

manage all of your email accounts which

by the way are free and unlimited you

can have as many email accounts as you

want website security and management

this is where you can manage the login

access to your website and create secure

pages in your site as well under the

other resources we've provided you with

some information on how to use Google

some services that Google provides you

might want to look into as well as being

in their webmasters tools system

tracking and analytics we have a link to

google analytics we also have

instructions on how to set it up crazy

egg is a great service that we recommend

for tracking and monitoring information

as well as Moz Moz is a great service

that you might want to consider signing

up for if you're real serious about your

SEO and search engine optimization that

is and any other types of social

networking and branding tracking you

want to do and then you can also do some

other marketing with mass emailing

services that you can find in this menu

and then lastly you have your account

this is where you can change your

information update your credit card

information once your trial expires as

well as some basic real-time tracking

information that we provide as part of

your website service with us so once

your website is up and it's running you

can use this area to go and look at real

real time data about your website and

then under the help menu the video

tutorials as I mentioned earlier and

then you can also create a help

desk ticket creating helpdesk tickets

are really easy it's the best way to

communicate with us if you need help

someone will usually get back to you

within minutes if not it will usually

always happen the same day but most of

the time it's fairly quick that you'll

get a response and get some help

either a link to a video on how to do

something you're trying to do or some

step-by-step instructions on how to do

something so that you can get on your

way and continue editing your site okay

and then the sign out button main seem

obvious but I want to talk about it for

a quick moment here it's very important

that you sign out of your website after

you're done making changes what we do

with the sign out button when you sign

out we instantly notify Google Bing and

Yahoo that your website has been

modified and that you've made some

changes we automatically send them your

new sitemap and let their robots know

that we would like them to come back and

reindex your site and all of this is

done automatically so every time you

modify anything inside your site we

update your sitemap for you and then we

let know let the search engines know

that it's changed okay now before we go

here one thing I would like to do is I

want to go talk about creating a new

page because that's the first thing

you'll probably want to do once you

finish designing your website so the

menu item we're going to look at is

right under pages and content let's

create a new page and in this page I'm

going to add a new button and then I'm

going to add some quick content to that

page just so I can show you how this


okay so let's go ahead and create a page

title I'm going to call this get to know

us and I'm also going to go ahead and

put an SEO page title in here because

that will help with the search engines

and their indexing process so I'm going

to go ahead and put the name of our city

in here and actually I'm going to change

this to our

website design services Portland Oregon

so I'm going to use that as the search

engine friendly URL for this page the

reason you want to do this is you want

Google to see URLs up at the top of the

screen that make more sense your users

will see this as the page name but

you'll go GLE will see this as the page

name which is a much better name for

them to use for their indexing so pretty

important you don't have to fill this

out it will default to this option if

you leave this blank so it's not a

necessity that you do this but we highly

recommend it okay now there's another

video that talks all about page creation

that goes into more detail about the

rest of this stuff so I'm not going to

go into that right now but go take a

look at the videos under page adding new

pages and modifying pages and then

you'll be able to get some more detail

about what all this is so let's go ahead

and create this page I'm going to go

ahead and for this video let's go ahead

and let's go create a page that looks

like this okay so I'm just going to

select this template this is just a

starting point and then you also want to

add your meta information again the page

system the video that talks about

creating pages will give me some

information about how this works

you can always mouse over these blue

question marks throughout your site

these question marks will show you

everything about that component in the

admin and what it does so if we scroll

back up here you'll see them all over

the place so they talked about all the

items in this section what they do why

you might want to use them and some

recommendations if we have any okay so

let's go ahead and create this page so

I'm going to hit create

the page is going to create itself and

it's going to immediately populate

itself with that template that I chose

so that I can just start modifying that

information so this is the new page this

is the editing tool very familiar if

you've used any kind of word processing

tool again there's a video that talks

all about the editor and how to use all

of the functions inside here and then

there are videos that talk about

individual components such as creating

links adding images embedding videos

things like that

so this is our page I'm going to go

ahead and save this if you wanted to

start changing you just highlight

anything in here and just start typing

so I can highlight this column heading

and I can give it a new heading name and

that's all there is to editing content

same with the images highlight the image

and then you can go up and click this

image tool and you can go create the

image and upload it and then use that

image in your site okay so I'm going to

go ahead and save that and preview that

content block


it will display the page with that

information in it already ready to go

and you now need to post it live if you

want the public to see it there are

always two versions of your site running

at all times the live version and the

version that you're editing so just keep

that in mind when you click post it live

that will give you a very quick way to

publish the page so that the public will

now see what you see okay and then down

here at the bottom a few things to point

out again you can post it live from here

you continue editing you also can delete

this block of content from here and then

you can view this content as it will

look on a mobile device or on a computer

I realize that you can see it on a

computer just like this but if you want

to remove these yellow blocks and the

menu bar at the top you want to get a

better feel for how the page will look

click on this icon it'll pull up the

page and remove all of that information

so you can get a better feel for how the

page is going to look when you hit

publish okay it's same with the mobile

button click on that it will open this

page up on a mobile device so that you

can see how this will transform and lay

itself out

on a mobile device ok and then if you

want to add more content you can do that

simply by clicking here you also can

create online forms that people can fill

out and these email above forms are

again templates you can click on these

and then you can manipulate those forms

at any point alright and the last thing

I want to show you in here is we want to

be able to move this let's say we want

this new menu item that we have here we

want it to be over here before the

here's what we do best best menu so

you'll do that by going under the pages

and content area this is where you can

manage blocks of content as well as the

page organization it's really easy to

use these are all your pages

here's home here's the here

what we do best which is the second

second menu item in that menu there are

two sub menus those are both right here

inside those pages there is content so

you get the idea but our new menu item

is clear down here at the bottom and we

want to put that up so you can just grab

it drag it up here and let go I it

automatically saves itself there's no

saving that needs to be done if you want

to go take a look at the change it won't

automatically switch just by doing it in

here you do have to refresh the page but

now you'll see that menu item is now

over here and your here's what we do

best menu is now after it okay so that's

manipulating the pages manipulating

content again there are tons of videos

go take a look at them feel free to ask

us for help that's what we're here for

and we're happy to help you along the

way with anything you need when it comes

to learning how to use the tools that we

provide inside your website again don't

forget to sign out all right that's it

have fun and that we look forward

helping you soon