NEVER “Accept Cookies” on websites!

do you just click on yes whenever you

see that accept cookie notification on

the website

well after today that's gonna change you

see i just ran the software that allows

me to see what happens when you click on


accept cookie notification and it's not

good so let's talk about

those cookies what happens when you

decline a notification does everything

still work and when should you

absolutely decline that cookie well here

is what you need to know

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so what are cookies well cookies are

just bits of information that are stored

in your browser

when you visit a website but not all

cookies are the same

there are actually three types of

cookies two of them are fine but

one is a bit of a problem so the first

one is called session cookies

these are temporary they are deleted

when you close the browser

these keeps bit of information that are

relevant to the way that you search the


like keeping your last search on that

site for example

the second type is persistent cookies by

first party

that means that cookies are stored in

your computer even after you close the


and they even have an expiration date

these are used by the website owner that

you're on

and these are mainly used to enhance

your website experience such as

automatically logging you in or

remembering your preferences for that

website like the language

or what is the closest nearest store

that you set you then get persistent

cookies by third parties now these

are the buggers these are not created or

managed by the website owners

information brokers create those cookies

and constantly collect your data

as you go about your online activities

since these cookies live on

thousands of websites they make it

possible to build a very detailed

profile on you

and then they can take your data and

make it possible for advertisers to

target you

with their ads so the big question is do


have to accept cookies well most cookies

are really not an issue they're just

used by the website owner

so you have a better experience with the

website however if you don't want that

you can obviously decline the cookie

and most websites will work just fine

of course any personalization will not

be available to you so next time you

visit that website

you have to tell it again which is your

closest store or what language you want

the website to be

and of course you manually log in

so are there cases when you should

definitely decline those cookies

absolutely remember those third-party

cookies i was speaking about earlier

that track every bit of your movement

online well

when that cookie notification pops up if

you have a look at that notification and

it mentions third party

decline it or at least unselect it it

takes just

one badly configured website which by

the way you cannot control

and they marry your surfing habits with

your name your telephone number your

email address and lots of other personal


this is then sold i will show you

shortly how to actually protect your


but let's talk about the second case

where you absolutely must decline the


is that if you're visiting a non-secured


you know those websites that don't have

a lock on next to that url

well those websites are not taking your

information seriously they have no

respect for your

privacy those other websites to be

really worried about

this is especially true if you happen to

be in a wi-fi place where

something called cookie stealing

actually takes place

this is when somebody overhears your

conversations with the website

they virtually grab a hold of your

cookie and are able to automatically log


because the website doesn't know that

it's not you so

what can you do to protect yourself and

your information

well firstly if you're in a public wi-fi

use incognito mode

this will not save any cookie sessions

or information

during the time that you happen to be

online secondly if you like having a

personalized web experience but

don't want your personal information

floating out there with these

third-party brokers then you can add a

browser extension that allows you to


what information can actually be shared

i personally like privacy badger for

chrome and firefox as

it looks at third-party cookies and only

blocks them if they are collecting


bits of information about you this means

you can still support your favorite

website by not simply blocking all


which is red to be honest is how the

website earns its living

but with this extension at least you're

able to support the website

but not putting your information at risk

now if you don't want to install any


no problem simply log into your browser

setting look for cookies and select the

option that says

don't use third-party cookies simply

enable that

now finally if you're unsure if you

already have given away too much

information just by clicking on the

accept button go into your browser clear

all your cookies and start again

now remember by doing that it's not

going to log you out of things like your

gmail account

so next time you go into any website

that cookie notification will pop up

spend at least one second reading

through that notification

and decide if you want to allow it or

not so now i have a question for you

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