Difference Between A Website and A Webpage

on this video tutorial we are going to

talk about the difference between a

website and a webpage so what is the

difference between the two a website is

a collection of web pages that are

related to each other a web page is an

HTML document that has text videos

sounds animations and images the web

pages are formatted and organized to be

accessed using browsers such as Internet

Explorer Firefox Safari and Chrome and

these browsers allow you to see the HTML

document as a beautiful website with

colors videos sound animations and

images let us look at the USA TODAY's

website if we are to look at this as an

HTML document alone without using a

browser this is what it will look like

but if we use a browser to interpret

what the HTML document is saying about

the pages appearance it will look much

nicer the first web page you see is

called the home page the design of the

home page usually allows you to go to

other web pages by clicking on the

hyperlinks or simply called links and

these are all on top of the home page so

let's go to the sports page the sports

page is another web page inside

USA TODAY's website as you can see the

links to other major web pages are still

on top and you can always go to these

major web pages the sports page provides

you information to other web pages

related to sports let's go to the Travel

page by clicking on the Travel tab or

link this web page or the travel page

provides your travel information and

related links and all these web pages

are part of the USA TODAY's website a

website is a collection of web pages

with related information while a web

page is a page of related information

that is the

friends between a website and a webpage