Autoimmune Diseases - Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & More…

your body's immune system protects you

from disease and infection but if you

have an autoimmune disease your immune

system attacks healthy cells in your

body by mistake

autoimmune diseases can affect many

parts of the body no one is sure what

causes autoimmune diseases it do tend to

run in families women particularly

African American Hispanic American and

Native American women have a higher risk

for some autoimmune diseases

there are more than 80 types of

autoimmune diseases and some have

similar symptoms this makes it hard for

your healthcare provider to know if you

really have one of these diseases and if

so which one getting a diagnosis can be

frustrating and stressful often the

first symptoms are fatigue muscle aches

and a low fever the classic sign of an

autoimmune disease is inflammation which

can cause redness heat pain and swelling

the diseases may also have flare-ups

when they get worse and remissions when

symptoms get better or disappear

treatment depends on the disease but in

most cases one important goal is to

reduce inflammation sometimes doctors

prescribe corticosteroids or other drugs

that reduce your immune response