I don't know if the the lumps will show

up but they have a tendency to get lumpy

maybe you can see them that way see the

lumps on the side and the shadows I then

get my home out of it let's see it's not

like a regular to hormone that would

turn yellow on the bottom but there's

the tendril closest to the stem that

would tell you that it's ready to pick

that's the next one dry there's one down

here dry there's a lot of them dry it's

gonna be a now you can pump this one and

you hear that sound I'm going to spend

the time doing it hear that sound

alright now we're gonna go over here to

this one here that said a couple weeks


listen it's it's duller

we're going to do it again because

something there's an arch here it's

higher octave here that it's a lot

duller sound yeah I'm probably gonna

pick this thing pretty quick because it

is getting lumps on it you can see the

bumps it does sound hollow

I've got all these tendrils dry see all

of my drying he met a little one there's

drying it's going to be a crapshoot I'd

like to be able to eat it but I'd also

like to have some seeds and see it's not

due to be picked Oh anywhere from August

is 6 2 August the 16th and today is the


so that would be 80 some days on the

100-day watermelon but it's been hot

anyway that's all we got on water miles

today remember that sound

back over this one it's duller

all righty folks