Tips for Choosing the Right Garden Hose! 💦👍// Garden Answer

hey guys how's it going so today we're

gonna talk about hoses this is actually

something we get asked a lot we get all

kinds of messages and comments from you

guys wanting to know what hoses we use

around our property and my favorite has

changed a couple times over the years

just based on where I'm using it so I

thought today I would go over different

diameters of hoses and strengths or

weights of hoses and kind of just

explain that because it's something that

I didn't understand for a lot of years

and based on what hose you have your

gardening chores can either be really

easy or a huge pain I'm so I'm hoping

this video is helpful I'm only really

familiar with gilmore hoses because my

parents have been carrying them down at

the garden center for ever and it's what

I've used at my old house and in this

garden so I did ask Gilmore if they

wanted to send out a few hoses so we

could do this video and they did and

they also are giving away five to you

guys so we'll talk about the giveaway

later on in the video but I want to get

started in on the actual hoses so I do

have several hoses I want to show you

but I think that this right here is the

best visual because all three of these

are in the heavy-duty line and they're

all seventy-five feet in length but you

can see how different the sizes are and

it's all based on the diameter in

diameter kind of indicates what the

water flow is going to be out of your

hose so the smaller the diameter the

less water flow bigger more water flow

so right here we've got the half-inch

size the smallest of the three I'm

definitely the lightest of the three

we've got five-eighths inch right here

which is my preferred size in all hoses

and it's the most common that you'll

find and then the three-quarter inch

this one is a beast so you'll get a lot

of water out of this one but you can

definitely tell that this one is going

to be the heaviest out of all three when

you're considering what hose I think it

depends on what you're using it for if

you're in a smaller size city ladder you

just have a regular size garden half

hitch might be plenty because usually

you have enough flow for like a hose end

sprayer or a water wand or something

like that and they are a lot lighter 5/8

I just tend to like this because the

water does flow out a little bit faster

get a little bit more water at a time so

it makes my watering tours a little bit

faster but this one right here like if

you're filling up buckets or troughs or

something like that definitely go with

something with a bigger diameter because

you'll have so much more water flow

it'll happen

your job will go a lot quicker

but I do like the 5/8 inch out of these

three the best there are a couple of

other things you want to consider the

first is your hose length so like I said

all of these are 75 feet they come in

usually like 25 50 75 or 100 foot

lengths you want to make sure when you

pick a hose it's going to reach where

you need it to but you don't really want

to get a hose that's longer than you

need it to be because that's just gonna

add extra bulk when you're trying to

store it and it's a lot heavier when

it's too long so just like kind of maybe

step off and get a rough idea of what

your area is and how long your hose

needs to be before you decide what hose

and the other thing is so like all of

these three are heavy-duty there's also

medium duty which I have down below me

and super duty let me grab those so

these are the other two hoses I wanted

to show you up against the heavy duty

which we've already talked about these

represent three different strengths of

hose and it really depends on where

you're using it as to what strength you

need and there are others too on other

ends of the spectrum like on this side

there are lighter duty hoses and then on

this side there are professional duty

that are good for like my parents garden

center where they have to pull hoses

across gravel day in and day out to

water the plants those hoses last a

really long time but I think for the

majority of US homeowners we're gonna be

comparing these three right here most

likely to decide which one we need this

one right here is the lightest weight of

all of them this is a medium duty we've

got the heavy duty here in the center

which is a little bit stronger a little

bit sturdier and then on this side we've

got the super duty which is definitely

the thickest and strongest so the

stronger your hose gets it does get a

little bit heavier but it also can stand

up to more gravel concrete sidewalks

more Sun if it's laying out in the Sun

for days you know or if you're the type

who doesn't like to put your hoses away

in the winter we do we always drain our

hoses and put them away in the winter

that's the way you should store your

hoses but if you're not something like

this is much more likely to withstand

that than your medium duty hose so

medium duty was actually my favorite

hose for a lot of years and the reason

for that is is it worked for my

situation we lived in a townhouse we had

a small garden I was pulling it across

grass it worked really well for me in a

couple reasons why I liked it is it is

lightweight it hardly ever kinked if it

did I could just tug on the hose and it

would just unkink like that it was so

easy to use so it just became my

favorite but then we moved into this

house where we do have a lot more gravel

bricks concrete sidewalks and I noticed

that I was going through hoses a lot

more often but in my mind I thought if I

went to a Super Duty hose it was all of

a sudden gonna be this huge hose I was

equating Super Duty as a three quarter

inch diameter hose which it's not like

Super Duty you can still get in 5/8 inch

diameter also a half inch diameter so

this is actually my hose of choice now

we are swapping all of our hoses I don't

think I've made it all the way around

our house but I'm pretty close as those

older hoses kind of wear out I've been

replacing them with these the other

reason why I love this one is that it's

great and it just disappears and I know

that some people like to have a brighter

color hose just in case you leave it in

the grass you don't accidentally mow

over it and that is a benefit but I love

the gray because it just disappears and

I don't see it in the garden when you

get a stronger hose it is gonna be a

little bit more money because it's been

manufactured with more materials it's

thicker and stronger and will last

longer and in this case I do believe

that you get what you pay for but if you

are the type who only needs a medium

duty hose if you live in a small city

lot or you just have just a regular

garden where you're pulling it across

grass this is a great hose save the

money and get this one but if you have

more gravel more things that your hose

is going to be going over or you need it

to sit in the Sun for longer you know

definitely consider upping the strength

in your hose so that it can last longer

for you and in the long run you'll pay

less money and the last thing I wanted

to talk about are kinks I don't think

that there is such thing as a kink free

hose I have tried out hoses that claim

to be kink free and they were not I

haven't had much of an issue with

gilmore's hoses kinking and if they do

which it's seldom you can usually get

them out either with tugging on the hose

or just giving the hose a little flip

and it comes right out so I haven't had

a problem with that and now for details

on the giveaway Gilmore is giving away

five hoses they will be 75 feet in

length but you get to choose whether or

not you would want medium duty heavy

duty or super duty and the diameter so

you could choose between half-inch 5/8

and 3/4 so all you have to do to enter

is leave a comment down below this video

telling us which hose you would want


you be one of the winners and make sure

to enter both on YouTube and on Facebook

that way you'll have two entries in two

chances to win it's really easy so

anyway I hope this video was helpful for

you guys just kind of learning about the

different options there are out there

because it's really helped me out like a

ton a tremendous amount to hone in on

the hose that works the best for us here

and you know everybody's situation is

gonna be a little bit different but I

also like that this one looks a lot

better in my garden it just makes

gardening a lot more pleasant when you

make your chores easier to do your

watering tours so anyway thanks so much

for watching this video and we will see

you in the next one bye