Soccer Help - Basic Diagramming

diagramming fast draw is simple and

intuitive the diagram is nothing more

than an area of the field with one of

our objects placed on top in fast draw

we call these objects stencils notice

along the left of the play editor

groupings of stencils that we can use to

complete our soccer diagram so for

example let's place an opposing goalie

in front the net that we're attacking

let's play some of our forwards on the

field as well as some of our midfielders

now to better distinguish our players

versus theirs let's select our forwards

and midfielders right-click and let's

make them read now supposing our

midfielder has the ball let's have him

pass to afford

we'll try to be one man

well this midfielder makes a run as you

can see passes cuts dribbles are all

defined to make drawing actions simple

and clean we can easy to use something

like a shading stencil to highlight a

region of the field notice that with

shading stencils players and assignments

are always drawn on top that's why

shading stencils are so powerful when

highlighting regions of the field if I

don't like something I can simply select

it and press the Delete key control a

selects everything on the screen where

then I can move them or even delete them

all together for those of you who would

prefer graphical representations of your

players you can use the player stencil


to draw your diagrams notice that with

these guys as well we're able to change

their appearance we also make available

some miscellaneous stencils with objects

like cones and flags and let's zoom in a

little bit

and even text nsel's

that are great for annotating the