Re: What is the difference between a walking epidural and a regular epidural? Is one better?

if you wanted to know the difference

between a walking epidural versus a

regular epidural if any an epidural is

something that's going to help you

during labor if you don't want to feel a

lot of pain

epidurals get rid of pain but not

pressure so sensations you're still

going to feel while you have an epidural

in order to achieve this it's going to

knock out your ability to move and so

you're going to a lot of my patients

describe it as feel like a beached whale

and that's really typical and you know

the nurses would help you move and

everything if you don't have the ability

to move we turn you frequently during


now as for walking epidurals there there

are walking epidurals out there and what

that is exactly is just an epidural that

stow slightly enough to make it so you

don't so that you can move a little bit

better however if you're getting one

while you're in labor and having a baby

we don't let you walk walking up a

turtle or not because your center of

gravity is already shifted and your risk

of falling is already greater just being

pregnant so we don't want to add on top

of that noodle legs and potentially

cause harm to you and your baby so a lot

the benefit that you'd get from a more

lightly dose epidural is just maybe a

little more control over your legs but

during labor that's not necessarily an

important thing so if you're wanting to

have an epidural when you come to have

your baby this is a great discussion to

have with the provider who's going to

give you an epidural during your labor

experience you can chat with them about

your desires and see if they have the

ability to achieve that with the

medication that they have on hand and

the doses that they normally give if you

have any other questions feel free to

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