How to Make Waffle Fries - Chick-fil-a Copycat Recipe


hello and welcome to soul food cooking

today I'll be making waffle fries


you will need russet potatoes sea salt

and canola oil for frying for this

recipe you will need a wave or waffle

cut mandolin if you do not have one you

can find it in my amazon store the link

is in the description below

using a cut-resistant glove cut your

potatoes rotating a quarter turn between

each slice


place the potatoes in cold water and let

stand for 15 minutes in a large pot heat

your oil to 320 degrees thoroughly dry

your potatoes then fry them for three

minutes in small batches after three

minutes remove them from the oil and

allow them to cool increase your oil

temperature from 320 degrees to 375

degrees return the potatoes to the oil

and allow them to cook for an additional

30 to 40 seconds or until they are

golden brown remove them from the oil

then sprinkle them with your sea salt

and now they are ready to serve thanks

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