so let's say you're thinking about

playing volleyball but you don't know

exactly how you don't even know where to


that's okay hey guys what's up my name

is coach Coco and I love volleyball

I've chronicled a lot of events about

volleyball on my channel and I have so

much more coming in store for you guys

we talked about things like equipment

preparation techniques how to dance

while playing volleyball even when

you're freaking out and you don't know

exactly what to do my videos are here

for you for that so today let's talk

about volleyball rules explained so this

video is going to be a brief basic

overview of the rules of volleyball so

that way you are a little bit more

comfortable knowing how to play the game

but first let's talk about the court so

you can't even get on the court ins that

you know about the court a volleyball

court in the USA is nine meters by 18

meters and the lines on the court

reflect the end line serving area ten

foot line and sometimes it's called the

three meter line but what's also

interesting is did you know women's

height net in a men's height net are

different heights a women tight net is

about seven feet and four inches while a

men tight net is seven feet and 11

inches if you watch some of my live

streams or volleyball vlogs most of the

time I play on a man's height net that's

cool right

there are antennas on each side of the

net and that tells you the playable

length across the net so if you hit

outside the antenna it is out of bounds

so let's go on to the players on the

court there are six players on the court

at the same time but that doesn't mean

that's all the people that are on the

team there are just six players in the

court at the same time

three are in the front row and three are

in the back row front row players are

traditionally the hard hitters and

hitters and offensive while the back row

is very defensive so examples of front

row positions are the outside hitter

middle blocker or the opposite and

examples of back row positions are the

left back libero and right back and

we'll talk about more about those

positions in another video the setter is

more of a fluid position because she

moves often players do rotate and they

rotate clockwise however there are

rotations such as a 5 1 and a 6 2 and a

4 2 and we're gonna talk about that too

okay coach Coco I know there are six

players but how do you score a point

well points are one point each so it's

not like basketball well you can get a

two pointer or a three pointer it's just

one point each and games are also called

sets so each set is 225 points are

served by winning a rally and a rally

sometimes is called a volley here's a

tip to remember you must win by two that

means if the score is 24 to 20 for the

team to win has to swim by two so the

end score has to be 26 24 or higher than

that okay so I know what the points are

but I don't know how to score the points

well the order of operations is bump set

spike and it doesn't always happen like

that but that's a rule of thumb I've set



hitting the ball inside the parameters

of the opposing teams Court scores a

point one of the things I see often is

sometimes the ball lands really close to

the line if it hits the line it's in a

player cannot touch the ball twice in a

row but a block does not count as a hit

so if you're going up to block the ball

and you touch it and then you touch it

again that is playable you can use any

body part to contact the ball even if it

bounces off your foot I highly advise

not trying to bounce it off your foot

but if it's up its up but you cannot

catch carry or throw the ball I really

hope you guys enjoyed this basic

volleyball rules explanation so that you

can better understand how to play the

game we love so very much and my channel

is all about volleyball we have so many

great things coming so please like

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see you guys next time