How picture disc vinyl records are made!!!


hey what's up guys artist dirty Donnie

gillies here I got some records

I got records here is the dirt the

Donnie TV dirty Donnie record we're

gonna talk all about this record later

I'm gonna play the record when they

actually when they come in I have a

sample but I went to Oakland California

where I met mark from 16 kilohertz

records and we get to see how a records

made so you want to see how a picture

disc is pressed come with me please

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let's go find out how our records made


we make a custom product here that

nobody else in the world makes it's a

three-step picture disc yeah and so what

we're doing is basically taking PVC

sheet material and we are oh and check

out the record that is we got a piece of

paper in the center here and then two

pieces of plastic on either side of the

paper and the press is actually just

heat transferring the groove information

into this preform material Oh rad we

don't have to deal with an extruder yeah

water cooling anything like that and the

system is completely all-electric and

then can we play the record of course

right on yesterday so this is your old

oh well so this is actually a lacquer

master this is the first step in the

manufacturing process we use them as

spacers on our spindles yeah and we

place them in between the records to

keep them from warping the cutting lathe

will actually cut the grooves into this

material and eventually we get to

pulling a Stamper from it so this is

your record but a negative of it you

know it's making two records a minute

yeah I could actually go faster but

since it's manual I can only go about

that fast gotcha yeah yeah yes operator

can only go about that fast known how

many records have you guys done so far

probably about 350 to 400 titles four

titles yeah yeah






basically how we met was they had asked

me to do some artwork for this record

and that's how we got onto doing it so

we made these and we took them to them

making vinyl conference in LA this year

you're giving to everybody so everyone

in the vinyl record industry got a copy

of this that's really cool yeah that's

awesome on the inside Samantha the hard

work that you did for us that we

obviously love there's the machine



did you want to fight the posters