well again everybody this is Joseph and

from time to time usually sometimes I

find things from manuals and things like

that which I think are very helpful to

the viewers one thing that I came across

was the VIN and the codes that it

represents you know when you do

inspection or registration the VIN is

very critical and the VIN tells actually

a lot of things from 17 codes there is a

reason for each digit let's start the

first one your typical VIN number over

here which is as you know it's on your

car registration and all over the first

one one represents number one or number

two one represents United States and two

will represent Canada or J would be

Japan or G would be

Germany and it represents the country

where it comes from

number two ge in this case represent

General Motors it could be F Ford

whatever related to your manufacturer

the make its a Crown Victoria or Toyota

Academy whatever it is we'll have a code

associated with it that's the third one

the four five six seven

what is six seven has codes representing

the body type the series the restraint

system the transmission the engine type

the the the number so therefore when the

mechanic goes and he looks at the

numbers on the VIN and he looks at the

number on the engine he can see if it's

the original one or the transmission you

can see if its original one by going to

these codes over here which is very

helpful to him to know that it's the

original one it wasn't replaced now

engine type where it's an eight cylinder

six cylinder that's the eight that's the

eighth one check digit

special code for Department of

Transportation that they put in to make

sure that this is not fraudulent that

this is actually a real real a VIN

number sticker as you see over here ten

is the model year so if it's 2010 2015

also has a code over here for it saying

which year it was manufactured 11 is the

plant where it was assembled could be in

Detroit wherever was the plant that they

usually manufactured these car that's

this one are over here will mean a cold

where it was assembled and the other one

production sequence number is a

production of assembly of where it was

also constructed and that's the

production sequence number four that all

this from twelve to seventeen the most

critical are where was built to make the

model and this then engine and

transmission information for the for the

mechanic and the engine type and see in

this case the model number so I hope

this helped you out and I hope you'll

when you come across these things like

that the VIN number you'll understand

more what it means as I said please

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