please general welcome back to the

workshop it is fantastic to have you

here because I want to embark on another

extremely exciting project another

daunting project we've got our resident

Viking here Alex prepping up some steel

for a couple of big billets at Damascus

I've got steel in the band saw cutting

so that we have handling handles for

those bullets the forge is already

blisteringly hot ready for our first

Forge words of the day on a Viking sword

we're gonna get right to tacking these

billets together

welding them hey Alex are you excited

because you're about to use a power

hammer for the first time


right it's heating up in the fire for

another heat Alex do you want to give it

a go I do I think you're gonna enjoy



that is piece of steel number 2 forged

out into a long bar and cooling down and

over in the grinding room alex is

already making great progress

he has been grinding the first piece of

Damascus looks like we got our first

piece already and ground up alrighty we

have three stacks of five ready for us

to tack weld together for the second

forge welding operation this is the last

four drilling operation before the

twisting because of course we're doing

some twist Damascus pretty exciting Alex

I thought it'd be a cool idea if you

took charge of one of these villains

please don't mess it up

but what I want you to do is I will need

to do the tack welding with the MIG

welder and as much as possible of the

forging as possible sound good

good to me and that I'll take these you

can take that



I've got my two billets drawn out it's

now Alex's first ever solo welding heat

he's gonna take it from the 5.4 dropping

it down there we go Alex


all righty we now have three bars forged

ready for us to cut up and begin

twisting feeling a little cool today

I think it's a little chilly I think I

could do with a jacket certainly not

warm enough definitely not no no no

we're good we can't forget right

no sweat on yours either it is hot today

okely-dokely so these things are drawn

out there on about 29 inches long so we

need to make two cups to make one two

three four five six seven eight nine

pieces so here we go there we go got our

pieces all righty so we're now going to

put a couple of pieces in the fire but

I'm gonna do something different to what

I did the last time I made twist

Damascus the last time I made twist

Damascus I just twisted the square but

that caused a lot of cold cuts that we

then had to grind through in that square

that twists what I want to do this time

is we're gonna take one heat and not

octagonal izing the ends but only

working in the middles we're gonna take

the corners off the portion that we're

gonna twist we're gonna leave its square

so that our Vice and our wrench can get

onto it

but the middle is gonna be octagonal

maybe a little bit round that way

hopefully it twists a little bit neater

are you ready production style forging

here we go



thank you





well now time for some twisting it's

about to get sweaty in




here we go I like this is the last one

yeah there we go

aunty clockwise let's open this up

thank you guys here we go one thank you

guys - for tuning in

oh my god is burning me oh there we go

let's count all right Oh

tap 11 1234 connect so you guys need

subscribe so that you can catch what

happens the part two one is Viking sword

build oh here we go

23 24 25 oh yeah that'll do


great walk Alex