Drain / Sewer Camera Inspection

hello everyone so today I decided to do

like a camera inspection so this video

intended to be for the homeowners and to

just give them an idea how training

inspection is done so we are in a

basement and we have the stack coming

down this one ties to the underground

piping for the main pipe that goes out

of the house and we have the seesnake

here from Ridgid so we have the monitor

and we have the snake or the cable and

we have the clean-out right here so

there might be multiple clean outs in

the basement you definitely need a

channel log to open this one yeah before

we doing everything we better to prepare

our camera so we have to connect the

camera the camera is battery-operated so

it doesn't need any power okay I haven't

checked the if the batteries fully

charged or not but I assume it is so we

need to connect the camera and there's

the connection we need to align them and

it's connected simple and easy and we

open the top we need a USB to record and

I'm gonna show you then the footage as

well or while I'm talking so there is a

place where they use be down there be

connected this way okay now we are all

set and ready so there is a power button

here when we press this power button so

it just fires up there are so many other

options in the future video I might go

through all of them one by one and

explain what they do but as I said this

video intended to be for the homeowners

to just give them an idea how doing an

inspection is done so as you see it's

all booted up so we gonna close this one

and so the camera needed to be placed

the way that I can see while I'm feeding

this one through oh so this is a good

position for me to see everything and

I'm gonna start recording so this this

monitor can record right can record

sound can record video and so many other

things but for now as I said it's not a

review or it's not going through all the

details one by one it just seeing how

it's done so this is a clean-out you

need a channel lock to open it up it

hasn't been open for a while so it's

super tight any - there we go

okay just open the hub and then you can

do the rest using your and this one is

open the its bare that no one uses

anything upstairs if someone uses the

water or flush the toilet or run a sink

so it depends if it's tied to this stack

you're gonna get wet so the next step

you always need one of these right -

whenever you're pulling the rod out of

the drain you just need to have this one

wrapped around the cable to just clean

it again this is not a tutorial this is

just intended to be for the homeowners

okay we bear to start recording here as


there we go it's recording I'm gonna

turn the sound off er for the camera and

let's go and see what's going on here so

this is almost a brand new house

so the piping gonna be clean and nice

and the pipe the pipes are plastic and

everything gonna be nice and clean most

probably there we go so this is the PVC

piping underground yeah this is how the

camera inspection is done so I gonna add

some of the footage from you know it's

like this video here inside the pipes

and so simple and easy and that gonna be

it so as I said on the way out you need

to wrap this one around the cable make

sure that clean it why are you pulling

it back it's all done of course you

should not forget your gloves safety

goggles have safety shoes gloves these

are very necessary you should just

protect yourself at all time and then

closing this guy here the cap for the

clean out so it has just

ceil washer or like a gasket around that

make sure that it's in place sometimes

when you remove it it might be loose and

come off so just every time that you

have something that you remove and it

has a washer when you're putting it back

make sure that the washer is is still on

so putting it on and tight all the way

and then it's like turn a quarter turn

but the channel lock that gonna be it

don't go tight all the way that should

be enough okay I'm gonna turn the camera


stop recording turn the camera off and

that gonna be yet thank you for watching

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