Vermicompost - How to Make Vermicompost Production Business with Low Investment

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fertilizer is an environmentally

friendly improved natural organic

fertilizer vermicompost fertilizer is

economically profitable business in one

hand and in other hand it maintains the

soil nutrients and protects the soil

from the abandon the one compost is an

organic fertilizer that is used to

increase the soil fertility

vermicompost fertilizer production

business is currently a profitable

business the demon of Varna compost

fertilizer or organic fertilizer is

increasing day by day Varna Commerce

fertilizer production can be started at

a very low cost in any abundant palace

of the house as well as man and woman

can do this business together the main

material is residues of crops

distressing vegetable or food shells

weeds home estate garbage and straw

besides the main material is the Artem

2000 piece magnet channel or concrete

reserve here and one month old cow dung

to manufacture of army compost

fertilizers first thing you have to

notice the place must need to be

shredded hi

why are there is no direct sunlight and

the wind moves above will be a camp

vermicompost fertilizer can be prepared

on octane oil cement pot reserve wire

whatever the thickness is the height

should be 1 to 1.5 feet there should be

holes in the bottom of the pot so that

there is no water in the pot it is

better to make a 5 feet 6 inch and a

theory feet 2 inch pond at first put a

small stones or a small bricks piece in

the reservoir for 3 inch or 7 point 5

centimeter thickness then put a 1 in

soil layer

book that so that it absorbed the water

the whole hair on the sand or the easily

digested organic material is to be made

like a bed after that partial food

organic food spread in the shade and

espect it on the bed after if there is

less than 50 to 60 muscle of water then

you have to sprinkle order the adult

odds on the food should be give up to 10

piece in Parque G if worms get stuck for

a few minutes they can go inside the

food within a minute after that the

organic products should be completely

covered with wet sex instead of cottage

cheese coconut leaves can also be

covered sometimes the water will be

flattened keep in mind that excess water

should not be given after keeping them

for two months the compost fertilizer

will be made if the grains are brown in

color at the upper level of organic


if the grains are spreaded like tea then

it is assumed that the fertilizer has

been made after the proportion of it the

compost should be carefully mounted from

the cavity fertilizers have to be used

to make recomposed there is no smell

during this time before feeding in the

compost making pot the organic

proportion of organic matter dance soil

and fertilizer ratio 6 by 3 by 0.5 by

0.5 is that organic waste is 6 percent

Rawdon 3 person oil 1/2 person and farm

yield fertilizer is on 2 person mixed

with 15 to 20 days for partial retention

after a period of time the makes

substance is used as a hormone in

general 40 kilograms of food is required

for a 1 meter long 1 meter wide and 3

centimeter deep hole in such a hole 1000

ohm can be applied the compost bed will

be covered with the best sock or sieve

the temperature should be between 20 to

30 degree and humidity of 4

65% sometimes light order will be spread

before the meal is complete new force

will be provided sunlight cannot be

given directly to enter maintain to keep

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