Vegan Eggs Are Made From Yellow Tomatoes | Line Around The Block


would you believe it if we told you

these eggs were made from Tomatoes look

they might pop like eggs but they're

actually vegan they're the latest

plant-based menu addition at crossroads

kitchen a West Hollywood staple for

vegans and meat eaters alike


crossroads kitchen opened in 2013 and

was an immediate success the

Mediterranean inspired menu features

plant-based dishes that many people

might not even recognize as being vegan

hey what's up everybody my name is

Frenchie and today we are here at

crossroads kitchen now look I'm super

excited I've been hearing about this

plant-based egg that they have here so

today we're gonna talk to the chef talk

to some customers and I gotta get my

hands dirty we're definitely gonna try

some of this alright stay tuned


the recipe for the eggs is top-secret

but what we do know is that they're made

from pureed yellow tomatoes and Indian

black salt for that recognizable sulfur

like smell and flavor that tends to be

associated with real eggs the puree is

turned into a vegan Bearnaise sauce

which is similar to hollandaise and then

it's encapsulated in a special liquid


the goal for crossroads kitchen is to

make plant-based dishes from real food

rather than creating something in a lab

to mimic ingredients that came from an

animal cooking plant base and eating

plant base is amazing and there are no

sacrifices we don't want the vegans we

want we want the carnivores to come in

so they can experience what it's like to

have a plant-based meal and not have to

say oh now I got to go - in and out for

something to eat because I didn't get

enough beer

it tastes what it appeals to you know

the average person to acknowledge are 6

just somebody who's only eat plant-based



I'm at false walls kitchens we got some

cameras here about to feature more Sun

fold super excited to eat the first dish

chef Jones whipped up with this famous

egg is a rich spaghetti carbonara the

egg isn't wiggling and jiggling its

Tomatoes it's a whip tomatoes but it

definitely fall apart like a regular egg

so let's see how it tastes I'm so I

don't know if there's a certain thing as

tasting vegan it tastes like food it's

really well seasoned it's really great

the eggs are actually kind of sweet I

think when you eat a regular tomato

tomatoes are always like slightly sweet

so you definitely taste that yeah this

is good next there's the cacciatore like

a chicken katsu poori or that a Satori


oops it's a vegan version of a cheese

filled bread topped with yet another egg


mix that in there get all of it all the

cheese one that Betsy oh that's


what a minute there's a brought up

listen if this one's good from home let

me tell you right now and even better in


you couldn't tell if it was if there's a

difference between a real egg coming

from the chicken all of this plan based

egg made out of whipped yellow tomatoes

the flavors are on a different level so

I don't think you're missing out on

anything it's really really good

my mama's gonna be so upset that my

hands are so dirty in this video I don't

know if I have any more space to eat

this but we're gonna try the final dish

today is Chuck shoot gun which is

typically made by adding poached eggs to

a sauce of tomatoes and spices


my favorite part big again

right on time I think what's one of the

best things about this is that you can

bring anyone here and surprise them and

they wouldn't even realize that it's a

plant-based spot because the food is

really good it's really delicious very

well-seasoned I'm sold this item alone

is enough to get us back although

there's much more to say here I kind of

just want to finish this mess