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hey I'm Frankie and we're gonna be

talking about vegans and the environment

now people go vegan for so many

different reasons I love being vegan I

want to be vegan I feel great I lost 30

pounds at that point it could help the

animals our planet and it's the impact

on our planet that we're gonna be

talking about in the US there's been a

600 percent increase in the last three

years over in the UK numbers have risen

by 350 percent compared to a decade ago

take the vegan cheese industry for

example that's expected to be worth 4

billion dollars by 2020 looking on

Instagram there's like 92 million posts

when it comes to vegans

it's popular now but it's not exactly a

new thing back in 18-49 that's when one

of the first vegan recipes was published

and that was when someone used oil

instead of butter eggs then we had to

wait hundred years for the word vegan to

be coined and that was done by this guy

called Ronald Watson he created it and

became a vegan after he heard and saw a

pig being slaughtered on his uncle's

farm we're gonna talk about meat and

dairy in a bit but let's first focus on

some of those vegan alternatives that

provide you with things like calcium and


first up quinoa it's a huge source of

protein grown in the Bolivian Andes

because quinoa was getting so popular

farmers were trying to grow it

constantly and they weren't given the

soil arrest some of the soil was losing

its fertility which was really bad for

the environment where quinoa is grown is

where llamas graze some reports out of

Bolivia were saying that because there's

so much quinoa being grown Lamas are

losing their homes and then farmers were

selling the llamas to make room for

quinoa Palo llamas

next take the soybean it's packed full

of vitamins and it's the foundation of

loads of vegan foods it's also one of

the big ingredients when it comes to

animal feed so it beans a grown on big

massive open fields and some agro next

to the Amazon rainforest and because

demand for the soybeans increased that

means some of the Amazon rainforest has

had to be cut down some question though

because soybeans go into animal feeds

and they go into so many vegan products

whether actually if people stop eating

animals and they turn to more vegan

products is that really going to have a

difference because the demand might

still be there we should actually get

some expert advice on this I got in

touch with a little mate of mine well

thank you Frank you for interrupting my

holiday in Sicily

I'm Victoria Gill science an environment

correspondent for the BBC and let me

take just a moment to tell you about how

if we all turned vegan it could

dramatically reduce the impact we have

on planet earth that's according to a

new study by scientists at the

University of Oxford you crunched the

numbers on meat and dairy production and

found that while these animal products

provide less than 20% of our calories

they use the vast majority of farmlands

about 80% now there are other things

that individuals can do to make a

difference to the environmental impact

of what they eat thinking about how far

your food is transported for example but

even in terms of greenhouse gas

emissions its production rather than

transportation that's really significant

thanks big so let's take a look at the

production of meat and dairy that she

was talking about loads of the fields

that we make and clear for animals

there's loads of deforestation even when

were growing food for animals that takes

up loads of water and lots of people say

that you know all this water could be

sending to countries that are in

desperate need of water and what the UN

says is the farming industry as a whole

creates 15 percent of greenhouse

emissions across the world we did kind

of fish out this advice from the UN so

Phoebe who's gonna kindly agree to read

this statement out for us the UN

suggests having a mostly plant-based

diet focusing on seasonal and local

foods the reduction of food waste

consumption of fish from sustainable

stocks only and the reduction of red and

processed meat

thanks BB so is becoming a vegan in

mentally sustainable well we picked out

a couple of items just to show you how

complex that issue is and as we all try

to do our little bit to save the

environment here's just one little

thought to leave you with we already

produce one and a half times the amount

of food to feed everyone on this planet

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