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VA loan calculators where's my eraser

here it is so we're going to talk about

the VA loan calculator well there are

tons of VA loan calculators out there

and the reality is a standard normal

mortgage calculator online is going to

give you the same type of answers as

most VA loan calculators now we have a

couple special ones here at low variance

that we want you to work with because

they're specifically designed truly for

veterans but let's just talk look then

what does a calculator or why would we

be online looking for loan calculators

or mortgage calculators okay the number

one reason people start looking for

mortgage calculators online they want to

know how much okay how much of what how

much they can afford to buy can I afford

a $500,000 house or I need to go get a


thousand dollar house the loan

calculator is going to help you

determine that because when you're going

and it's a pretty self-explanatory

you're gonna put in stuff like how much

do you want to borrow again here we are

how much what's your interest rate is

now if you don't know what interest

rates are at and you won't put 1% in

there you're going to get some real

inaccurate information you're gonna

think that you can afford a house that

you really can't so listen to make sure

you've either spoken to a loan officer

recently now today and rates change

daily so if you're watching this next

Monday or next week and not live things

may change but if you want a pretty good

idea of what interest rate you're going

to get on a VA loan in today's market so

that you can get an accurate idea of

your payment's on a VA loan calculator I

would put for a 15 year mortgage I put

an interest rate in there of right

around four and a half just to be safe

and if you're looking at a 30-year

mortgage you're probably going to want

to put 5% in there now

while we do proving people have lower

rates than us sure we're also improving

people at higher rates than this so

these are good middle-ground ideas with

today's interest rates on what you

should be putting into your calculator

now I'm not gonna go into a whole lot

more training about how to use these

loan calculators specifically because

they're pretty self-explanatory and easy

but I will do this I'll put a little

plug out there if you go to low VA rates

dot-com that's our webpage and right on

the home page I believe if you just

scroll down a little bit past the middle

part of the page you're gonna see a box

or a link that says tools if you click

on tools we've got a VA Purchase

calculator of VA refinance calculator we

even have a hybrid arm loan simulation

calculator that lets you play with

interest rates and how your adjustable

rate mortgage might change over time

it's kind of cool you get to almost be

like all-powerful and say well I think

interest rates are gonna do this on this

year and I want to know how that impacts

me okay one specific calculator I want

to draw your attention to even even

though you can get to all of them under

our tools button you can also go

directly to VA refi that's for refinance

be a refi calculate or dot-com if you go

to VA a refi calculator comm it's going

to take you directly to our refinance

calculator here's why I love it it's for

veterans it asks you things about your

disability ok do you know most

calculators aren't going to do that and

if you receive disability from the VA it

affects your loan payment and your loan

amount and how much you might be able to

afford and it affects your payments and

all of that good stuff also if you're

trying to do a Streamline refinance as

opposed to a cash out refinance our

calculator you can help determine some

different outcomes

so VA refight calculator com not a lot

more if there's any questions start

thinking about those now that we have

some questions okay Robert asks he says

hi can I get a VA loan if I have a

bankruptcy that is only two years old

and I need $30,000 loan for a

double-wide trailer Robert

great question so yes there are

situations with your VA home loan

benefits that you can get a new mortgage

if you've been bankrupt in the past

there are not real strict waiting or

timelines we have to wait like there

might be four conventional or FHA loans

there are some guidelines that we have

to follow but we've had people be able

to get a new mortgage well within a

two-year range of their bankruptcy we

thought other people have to wait longer

now you may say wait a second guys that

doesn't answer my question

there are certain questions that are not

yes or no answers what caused your

bankruptcy Robert with an extenuating

circumstances like an injury or a death

in the family you know we take into

consideration because we follow the VA

handbook we take into consideration the

entire story and we don't just say no

you're out of luck because you have a

vk2 years ago or hey you waited five

years you're good to go

we need to see the whole stories but the

simple answer is yes you still can't

know a $30,000 mortgage for a

double-wide if you go to our YouTube

page or look around for some of our

other videos we've done on manufactured

homes make sure you're not trying to buy

a mobile home there's a difference

between a manufacturer

or modular home and a mobile home you

cannot use your VA mortgage benefits to

buy a mobile home if you want more

details on that come back about 10 or 15

minutes and I bet you will have a link

below if it's not already there on

mobile home vs. manufactured home but VA

loans are great for manufactured home

loans and we'd love to help you out any

other questions

Janet lemon says I'm too old to buy a

house Janet I don't know how old you are

but you're never too old to buy a house

matter of fact you can't be too young I

did not realize this till the other day

and I was I was told that with

traditional financing specifically VA

loans because I believe correct me if

I'm wrong you gotta be at least eighteen

to enroll the military you have to be 18

or older to get a mortgage nine times

out of 10 it's definitely gonna be a

mortgage but look we've been helping

veterans just the other day I talked to

a veteran he's in his 90s now he's not

just buying his first home but he is

refinancing so stay on Jack and if it's

not the right time to buy a house then

you know H it should not be an indicator

of that but we'd love to help you out if

you'd like to talk about some details

any other questions

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low beer rates we keep it Regal and it's

live it's unscripted we like you guys to

have fun any other mortgage related

questions Robert replied thank you very

much it is a manufactured home okay

Robert give us a call our number is on

the website it's probably also being

typed in the comments below me right now

you can chat live from your cell phone

or from a computer or you can call us up

you can apply online we'd love to look

into helping you out so congratulations

on taking the first step toward some

ownership okay if that's it everybody

have an amazing weekend prayers and hope

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