The letters B & V in Spanish

Ola welcome to butterfly Spanish me

llamo Ana and in today's lesson we're

going to learn the letters B and V that

are in Spanish bee bee bee and we are in


be first we're going to go through the

names of the letters in Spanish because

in different parts of Latin America we

we call it with different names we give

them different necks and then we're

going to go to some examples to try to

understand maybe some rules I might

affect the sound of these letters and

after we're going to I'm going to read

you a poem I wrote in which I used a lot

of bees in Spanish and so you'll be the

judge and say okay what is the sound of

those two crazy letters in Spanish well

vamos a empezar let's start and first

let's go with the fun names of these

letters so in angle as you say B and V

if I say for example Beach I like to go

to the beach ok

it's Beach but if I say oh I have a

dress and it's a velvet dress I don't

say bell bedrest right but when I

started learning English I used to say I

al like Belbin I like velvet oh no I

like velvet very classy very soft no and

spin us a little bit more office B BC

might my lips be

as in be so a kiss is beso

okay what vamos a empezar con los

nombres first name we call this a lot of

people call this bay ii o bay bay ii o

bay bay obey we also call it big grand a

Big B Big B and babe chika background a

Big B eBay chika small be some people

also call it tall be Bay Alta Alta tall

be Bay corta short be like me

short Bay Alta be Korda but my favor

name and the first name Alan for these

letters was the full one and you're

going to memorize it because it's really

funny and so we call this B Bay the

boardwalk by the Boudreau and this B BAE


bodka so for example if you're reading

it if you're writing a letter and you

say oh how do you say for example a town

I know in Mexico is called Cuernavaca

right oh how do you spell that with

Betty Boudreau Oh Betty back guys so you

say Oh with better Beca right so boon

row is be a scene donkey you see this

animal is a donkey BAE as in Boudreau

this is the BS in Boudreau and this is

the V as in vodka bear the Boudreau BAE

the Baca do you understand now so

whenever you're writing something you

can say okay Betty Boudreau OB de Baca

oh it's better border

okay better border you remember the bay

the Boudreaux II

pay the back up ah well those are the

names okay now we're going to go through

some words a lot of people tell me that

the sound is not the same so oh I forgot

to tell you this is BS in donkey and

this is BS in Beca donkey is guro e back

eyes cow

Woodrow baka I like both my favorite

animals are Boudreaux and Becca although

this probably had like the Robert Horry

meanings in Spanish if you say oh is

being bored row it's like he's very

dunkey it means like he's a little bit

like ah I don't know he doesn't pick up

things fast like that yeah we don't say

that is being back I know so it is

Boudreaux but don't say that because

it's not nice and you don't want to be

mean I don't like my students to be mean

to other people so just remember

Boudreaux bata bata back okay let's

forget about those animals now so we're

going to go now with some words palabras

in which we use bay e obey obey double


I bet Ibaka mm-hmm a lot of the students

tell me I tell them with oh um I don't

know how to pronounce that B and V and I

said what's not V it's B and then I say

it's the same sound it's B and then when

I'm speaking it's like you see you see

you you pronounce it differently you

said a different lens like oh well I

don't know I just say B but my students

keep saying I pronounced it differently

and so then I spend many nights without

sleeping and thinking oh why am i why do

I sound different why do I say maybe I

am very classy and I say B and V but I'm

not no I'm not very class

so then after many nights without

sleeping then I realized oh yeah maybe

no that's not true I based on some

service resources I checked in my

experience teaching Spanish the sound of

the B sometimes it might depend on other

factors such as what letters are around

the B the B whether or not they'd be

starting a word it's within a word it's

in the beginning of the sentence is in

the middle of the sentence and how fast

you're speaking okay so first we're

going to review this these words and

then we're going to read my my epic poem

and so for example if I say burro burro

bailar in this is dancer bilat in base

are to kiss base are to kiss beso a kiss

beso and they got a mustache bigote okay

I'm starting this the word with a B so

my sound is stronger be got a mustache

beso you see my lips kind of close and

say the word beso it's strong

but if I said it in the middle for

example after the M which would help

which happens a lot in Spanish the sound

might sound a little slightly softer for

example I say come Vieira can be our to

change and both watch our say to get

drunk do you get wrong i don't get wrong

and both watch our say mmm boost arrow

you know it's like a sneaky liar those

people like you don't wanna be an

impostor I don't wanna be an postera and

boost arrow

EMBO below and bo-buddies when you're

stirring a subpoena you see like like

you see you're staring at something

really like really really gets in your

mind in bow battle so do you see what is

the difference maybe you notice it when

I'm pronouncing it maybe I'm not

conscious about of it but if I start a

word the the sound comes very strong but

if it's in the middle because I require

my tongue and my play and my lips to go

to the em before they be then it's

really hard if I am going to speak fast

or something say come BR see I'm not

gonna say Joe make cambio de ropa no you

probably don't want to sound like that

you say yo make cambio de ropa a little

bit softer because it's in the middle

the same happens with the bed ibaka if I

say bacca bacca

la vaca by media vanilla vanilla I don't

say vanilla I say vanilla vanilla

I said vampiro vampire I don't say

vampiro no I said vampiro

mí me gustan los vampiros

the gustan los 1peter television okay

dan meadow bunny dad vanity I'm very

vain very bangbang dad vanity Bella

candle Bella same thing I'm starting to

pronounce the word the sound is stronger

but when it's in the middle for example

when I say con venir con venir because

it's next to and n this sound is softer

Convenant con venir why because the my

mouth muscles of my mouth in that box

my muscles required to pronounce the end

and so it is difficult to say con venir

con bene

no we say it fast we say convent conv

near company okay convey Veera MV via

and BR and then an R and banana to

poison someone you know you don't do

that and then another to poison someone

and BR to send for example MB ma own

mensaje de texto

send me a text message and be ma un

mensaje de texto MVD is o m and by and

by or n V and V naught n by convey beer

is like when you get together and like

shared cake and the party you have fun

is convey video convey bah con mis

amigos mucho no I get together with my

friends convey dear convey near

convenient con veneer but I was a con

venir I say company which sounds softer

then where we pronounced it here is this


maybe it is not clear if it's clear

great if it's not clear sign the

message and subscribe to my channel now

we're going to go to the next example

so I wrote this because I used many bees

and so it's a very nice poem

I call it poem it's a very nice creation

and I'm going to read it at a normal

pace and then you will see Oh Anna

pronunciate Allah obey the manera

diferente she pronounces in a different

way these letters

that's you're the judge because I'm

going to pronounce them in a normal pace

as a native speaker would do so for

example el viento soap lava fuerte and

el birthday by etymon unpack the wind

blew strongly in the green valley of


when impact is a very nice place of a

pyramid please' in Chiapas los

ballerinas same baba dough's Greta

bonnie observable los los ojos del

Bosque coma que el viento Bosnia the

dancers staring and screaming looked at

the leaves of the wood that the wind

swept send that very very romantic get

romantic oh ha ha ha ha gay romantic oh


yo bro me Ava I choked

I always choked yo bro me Abba Ana

bromium mucho Ana jokes a lot job Rome

Eva Eva Saba Valerie I joked and killed

the dancer yo bro me abba-abba-abba

I kissed the dancer I'll be late in no

convict on El I didn't really have I

didn't get together with him a lot

ah I was envious

and i poisoned him knock on bebe Cornell

that means not convict on Ellis we

didn't have a time together many times

like we didn't get together many times

we didn't share a different getting

together with our friends you know we

didn't know each other really scum

Bevier not come babies with didn't it's

a very tricky work now can we be canet

okay look at the dictionary but it's

something like you I didn't get together

with him a lot I was envious and i

poisoned him that that's not very nice

but I wrote it because then madaba media

LOM Benini madaba mb via LOM Bellini if

you see my the muscles of my mouth my

sound and a little bit of a little bit

different in each word why because it

depends on the speed I'm using to to

give a speech or to read a text if the

Pens on whether the M or the end is next

to the B or the V and so all those

factors really affect the pronunciation

of the B because your tongue cannot go

quickly inside your tongue and your lips

like closing to pronounce the B sound

now I checked many sources dictionaries

grammar books and none of them say the

sound of these words is different they

actually say the opposite they say it's

the same sound now a lot of friends of

mine from Latin America or students have

told me they tell me oh we pronounced a

different it might be the case but if

you go on vacation if you're speaking to

someone in Spanish and you pronounce it

like I'm saying B it's not a problem if

you pronounce a V

well I don't think I will get bothered

by that I'll be like oh no that's not V

it's B or that's not B's V you see it's

very kind of a I don't know I don't find

it very like it's not important the

thing is you have to be aware that is

the that the B and the B is not as

strict as it is in English that you have

to say B and V in Spanish it's not that

strict you can say B but if you come

across saying B nobody's going to say do

anything to you everything will be fine

I promise you and if someone tells you

something mean and complain about your

pronunciation of the B in Spanish send

them to me okay you know what go and

speak to my teacher Anna and and and and

really like talk to her and you guys

decide what you're going to do send them

to me okay because it's not very nice

you're making an effort by learning

another language they cannot complain

about the B and a B what's the problem

what's the big deal so sleep well yeah

no problem everything is going to be

fine just remember B and V in Spanish is

B okay

is that clear I hope it is grille clear

my precision is bad today sorry espero

que todo el estado Claro I hope

everything was clear and if you have any

questions subscribe to my channel and

send me a message and I'll reply and

gracias por ver me canal and thank you

for watching butterflies panel and nos

vemos pronto bye