Can I Get a UTI from My Girlfriend?

my question is if my girlfriend has a

urinary good question and since we

haven't talked them in a while we have

board-certified urologist the author of

the penis book dr. Aaron Spitz joins us

via Skype and fortunately for us guys

know now women usually avoid having sex

when they have a UTI it's usually a

first but not always and in the case of

woman die having sex while she has a UTI

you guys can both still have hot sex

without you end up having a burn and

that's because it's really tough for

that bacteria to get up into a guy's

urinary tract first of all this is a

bladder infection and most of the

bacteria are gonna be in the bladder so

having sex with a woman with a UTI is

kind of like going to Vegas what happens

in the bladder stays in the blood


so obviously people hear about urinary

tract infection that they they know the

urinary tract lives in this general

vicinity where sexually transmitted

infections occur so obviously people do

need to be aware of other infections

when engaging in sexual intercourse etc

yes now STDs like gonorrhea and

chlamydia these are bacteria that

actually live in the vagina in rethread

of the guy and those are passable back

and forth and in some cases even yeast

can be passed back and forth a fungus of

manga it's not to sound too cheesy with

urinary tract infections these are

bacteria that normally live in the colon

and the rectum and unlike what most

people think guys don't get girls UTIs

when they have sex it's actually the

girl infecting a woman infecting herself

because the bacteria this is normally

hanging out at the exit down there gets

pushed up to her only urethra and that

urethra is very short in a minute it's a

short swim to get into the bladder and

then I've been infection but these

bacteria aren't causing bad infections

in the vagina in fact they're creating a

normal biome in the vagina playing

defense against yeast to avoid UTI spend

for our viewers what are you tea eyes

because bacterias always say you can't

sterilize the area down there make sure

that you urinate after sex

watch out those bacteria that managed to

get their way worked up into the urethra

also of course a wipe from front to back

so you're not pushing bacteria up to the

urethra and some women simply are so

prone to infections that they will

actually need to treat these infections

or preamp them sometimes a low dose

antibiotic prescribed by a doctor in

certain situations taken right before

sex or right after sex can prevent

simple bladder infections from getting

much worse and turning into a kidney

infection which sometimes can damage

kidney function or even be

life-threatening he is dr. Spitz thank

you sir always good