First Uterus Transplant at Penn Medicine leads to Baby Boy

- [Drew] How are you feeling?

- [Jen] I feel like I'm totally

in a dream right now

and I'm having a lot

of trouble believing it

but I'm really happy

and I'm just so excited for

what's going to happen next.

I always wanted to be a mom

I think it was one of those things

where it's like I didn't find out

that I couldn't be a mom until I was 17.

- When Jen got the diagnosis it wasn't

it will be hard,

it wasn't you'll

have to take extra steps

it was, it's not possible.

She can't give birth.

We could've had kids through a surrogate,

we could've adopted,

but Jen would never be

able to carry children

and this thing that was impossible,

Penn made it possible.

- [Dr. O'Neill] These women were told

ten years ago you're

born without a uterus

and you will never carry a child

and since then uterus transplant

has become a reality.

- As a woman it meant you know

kinda everything to me

to be able to have that journey

of becoming parents in the way

that most people around you

get to experience.

- [Dr. O'Neill] There is a lot that goes

into performing a uterus transplant

you know, teams of individuals

dozens of people that are involved

and the goal is

at the end of the day

to help this couple

have a live born child.

- You're going to do great, okay.

When I first like

walked away from her

that's kinda when I broke down.

- I definitely was nervous

but I just kinda knew

like okay well it's now

and it's happening.

[Dr.O'neill] All right Jen you ready?

Let's do it!

- [Dr. Porrett] So, there is two major

technical phases for a uterus transplant

in the operating room

one is to actually sew the blood vessels

from the donor organ to attach

those to the recipient's blood supply

and the second other major phase

is to actually establish the

continuity between the donor vagina

and the recipient's vagina.

- [Drew] It's just waiting its uh

I don't know it's a stressful process.

This is the scariest part right

this is the part where things could

really go wrong if they

are going to go wrong

so I'm just trying to keep my mind

off that as best as I can.

I keep telling myself that these

are like the best doctors in the world

so that's what is keeping me okay.

- [Dr. Porrett] It's really important

to have great people in key positions

when you try to orchestrate

something of this magnitude.

- [Dr. O'Neill] There is a contained excitement

and it's really a feeling that

I've never experienced in

the operating room before.


- [Jen] I realized like

oh I'm out of surgery

and I had a uterus transplant

and I think I just started crying

and then I was so excited

that something I never

thought would happen, happened.

- Hi, how are you?

- You know nervous.

- [Dr. O'Neill] Jen's embryos

have been in the laboratory

and were frozen

and this morning we are

going to directly place one embryo

back in Jen's uterus.

Do you see that little flash guys?

- Mhmm, that was crazy.


- Deep breath, Drew.

(phone ringing)

- We're calling now.

- [Dr. O'Neill] Hello

- Hi

- Hello

- [Dr. O'Neill] Do I have you both?

- Yes

- Yes

- [Dr. O'Neill] All right

the pregnancy test is positive!



- Holy ****

- [Dr. O'Neill] I know I'm going to

cut right to the chase.

- Thank you for doing that.

(upbeat music)

- [Dr. O'Neill] I will never have

the same feeling that I did

in that operating room.

Drew cried,

and was so appreciative

of that baby

and Jen got to see Ben

and it was just an

incredible incredible moment.

- [Dr. Porrett] Jen and Drew

are just the first of hopefully

many hundreds if not

thousands of people that we

can help with this treatment

this is just the beginning.

- People talk about miracles

and we got to not

only have one

but witness the work and the

people making a miracle happen.

- [Jen] Being able to

have that first bath

and that first bottle

and that first holiday

they are little things

but it's cool to be able

to experience them.

Being parents was something

we always hoped to be

and it's nice to have him home.