Make USB Power Cable

hi gang I'm going to show you how to

make a USB power cable usually you need

to make one of these when whatever you

want to power has an odd connector in

this case I'm plugging into this motor

controller boards male pin header so I

need a USB cable with a female pin

header on the other end the first step

is to find a USB cable I found this one

at a thrift store I cut off the unwanted

connector then make a slit with a sharp

knife and then peel it back inside this

one has some shielding so I pull all

that back to until I exposed the four

wires the white and green are for data

the black and red are the power ones

we'll be using only the black and red

but I carefully stripped some insulation

from all of them anyway

so I can show you something in a minute

don't press too hard with the knife or

you might cut all the way through inside

the USB connector the two pins that

reach closer to the opening are the

power pins the pins that start further

back or the data pins the power pins

reach closer to the opening so that when

you plug it in you're sure they get

powered before the data pins do that way

you have power before it's time to

transfer data but we're not using the

data pins we can prove that the power

pins go to the black and red wires by

using a multimeter I put it on the

resistance scale and push the button

that makes a beep when the resistance is

low enough

that's called a continuity test I put

alligator clips on one meter probe and

then connect to the red wire I connect

one end of another wire with alligator

clips to the other meter probe and a

small wire to the other end one of the

power pins causes the meter to beep but

not the other pins so the red wire is

connected to one of the power pins I

switched to the black wire and get a

beep with the other power pin the white

wire causes one of the data pins to beep

and the green wire causes the other data

pin to beep now to attach the female pin

header I prepare a female pin header

with two holes I have a video all about

pin headers if you're unfamiliar with

them I cut some heat shrink tubing and

slide that onto the red and black wires

for later I then solder the wires to the

pin header which one goes where doesn't

matter with the heat shrink pulled over

the wire so that no metal is visible I

use a heat gun to shrink the tubes

before finishing it up I need to mark

which side is positive so I cut a narrow

strip of white tape put it on the red

side and paint it with a red pen then I

cut the white and green wire

since we won't need them there's little

chance of their copper wire touching but

I put heat-shrink on the ends of them

anyway I cut a little extra foil from

kitchen aluminum foil and wrap it around

the wires I pull back the shielding and

the cable sleeve but it no longer covers

everything so I put some more heat

shrink over that to make a neat you can

use vinyl electrical tape or something

else if you don't have any heat shrink

tubing and here's the finished USB to

female pin header cable time to test it

I plug the USB connector into a phone

charger battery bank and the other end

into the motor controller

it works well thanks for watching see my

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