What is Unit Trust, 3 EXPENSIVE Fees you can avoid!

hi everyone I'm Andy from Jimmy's

investor center I'm Darren from Yogi's

investor center okay so today we're

gonna talk about this topic on you need

trust all right so so four unit trust

okay what is Union trust

okay unit trust as a manager is a

collective of investment back to a fund

managers and a family you see to buy

equities born or other alternative

investment okay because and other

shareholders are all the investors are

the fund is divided into units that's

right what units come in and how full of

monies help I trust we try the workout

unit trust I love it were called UT

Forshaw okay so this is very commonly

I mean people purchase this usually from

where the very deep partition from the

insurance company of Patricia from the

banks of so basically I remember you

know when I first started I actually

bought it from my insurance agent also

doing there was the I think 205 206 that

period during the time there was this

like China India fund

okay there was a heavy yeah

that was the time I was one of the best

performing countries and death and then

unit transfer actually achieving about

30 to 40 percent we didn't read in a few


reading a few years so after that I

become like more interested in in stock

market and you know I took all the money

and I started with my stock investment

all right

so about about you need trust okay so

first of all you know when we talk about

unity we want to invest in you interest

okay but if we don't have any idea okay

is it suitable for beginners to get

started with unit rest if you recommend

beginner to try or

investment and interest is one of them

you wanna kill reason because a capital

D can be very small okay

he gave me a smart fine up to $500 you

can invest in a unit trust a photo so

even have a big capital D you can't miss

that we have minimum $100 per month or

even water to invest in a unit trust and

we want to achieve and invest in more

than 1000 bonds in the world of money a

few hundred companies in the world so

it's a very big devastation and we're

smart money okay so basically let's say

fine hair dos okay so we got 100 dollars

sometimes is a little bit too small

right yeah okay so so if really $500 if

we purchase this one isn't that means

that we have to pay a lot of commission

because you know when we buy stop right

okay or we always talk about the minimum

Commission okay so for unit rata do they

have this thing called the minimum

Commission okay so you trust you see

when you bite through the bags or you

can come in there technically as charged

okay but you can buy to online poker

where is to stretch trust so the big wad

abiders do cost incurred okay and also

note that one piece so that's where you

kept I really trust with no costs

incurred you know upfront cost in

covering very religious okay so this is

something that I like is called okay

zero so shush yes okay

0% 0% so shush okay so number one right

that we actually learn here is if you

buy okay

you actually get a 0% self charge is

your presentation so when you are buying

in poems on point do it yourself hey do

it yourself I mean if actually there is

a serious charge I just know that you

know the volumes will be 0% 0% 0 / ok so

but again we know that you know this

like platform fee you know where we keep

that this although I do

that's poems that you need oh and also


from fees so the me when I finally tried

to put that for perpetually as long as

possible but they're always known

recurring charges you need to pay by

putting buying a unit and put on for

satsang so you call it no platform piece

okay so no platform fees okay so second

thing is no platform fees okay so when

you want to buy the funding after you

decided switch to another fun journey so

that you go to bank that video has to do

switch because they were given point

there's no switching feet okay no

switching fees okay so basically when

when we do it that in banks there would

there be a switch in charge so how much

you usually do video chat you three to

five percent because they pretended that

okay the fax you printed that as a

charge so the charge accordingly by

caliper weekend a strapless your chest

and please zero okay so so basically

when we buy unit trust in poems are do

we have to go to the branch or do we

have to go to the you know it's office

you can everything you can do online

exactly they have a pointer coming can

knock in and can just purchase it online

okay so basically again you know you

just have download the poems SG mobile

apps and then you don't just go to the

unit charge just search for the unit

trust okay so so such for unit trust

that you want to buy and then just you

know type usually you clean the numbers

of the amount you want to invest in find

a fun name I wonder when we talk about

stuff I stops usually with with key in

the price

week in the quantity and unit trust

usually is use find a fun and then your

key in the amount so it's a round number

say a ten thousand dollars five thousand

dollars $500 $1,000 DK even to to test

me let's say you wanna invest one out


my scent is also possible another okay

up to two decimal point after the

investment now okay so again here's just

a summary here just not what we have

discussed okay

one of the key thing why is it so

attractive for beginners okay for even

like people who have huge amount of

money to invest in unit trust is okay

number one zero percent surcharge hey

I'm a tube there's no platform fees and

number treat there's no switching fees

so in this case right if you are

somebody who are into saving costs okay

you don't want you do not want to you

know keep on like paying brokerage

paying Commission sales charge then this

I think is very good for you because you

actually save a lot of cost and that

cost actually will goes into your

investment instead instead of going to

other people's pocket as a commission it

goes into your investment and you grow

your investment okay so okay so

basically this is a first part okay so

on to the next part is right okay the

next one is what to invest there in a

boy's account that's more than 1,000

trust fund to to a lot of people may be

confused on what so they buy and what

should they invest you know okay so

first thing that we always call you need

to be aa you need transport folio okay

for begin anew zero prefer them to

invest a small prop base area like went

original avoid global fund rather than

going to best perspective method fund

okay okay

traumatic fun

well the climate change fund or climate

change 100 even energy fun energy based

purely on energy okay these are more of

a team and team from the health care and

health care fun only on health care

sector okay recently adding the most

popular fun should be technology

Tech fun okay so it may wonder

investment called global fun Alcoa Asia

equity fund so a visa no problem

probably about the best fight it has to

be mean of your core portfolio have to

mattify me when I have more knowledge on

the area we call competency then maybe

we want to look into that okay so again

you know for start usually we get a

broad base okay so once you you you make

money you know what you know what is

good what's bad you know about the

market everything then you go into

thematic okay so most likely when people

look for for unique trust okay you know

if let's see did don't have any

knowledge of all these things you know

what what usually we all like our team

you know our advisors okay what what

usually our team in German is actually

help them how we first we must

understand your risk appetite and also

yeah that's my experience

okay so from there we can advise you on

a portfolio that suit you better

so but there is no popular so evidence

and apostles everyone is the popular

that customized to your appetite to your

needs then we can customize you for a

Masonic I see that they want to have

dividends okay then we may customize

Buffalo that purely Oneonta villas and

even on money basis okay on the money

basis yes every month every month okay

so first off right I hate the most the

stock can't really give dividend is four

times the four times a year every

quarter quarterly okay and some of the

start usually sometime they give two

times a year okay and some of the side

just give one time a year and of course

this also start that don't give you they

know so so when you pick stocks right

yeah a lot of times for me I actually

look for growth more for growth or more

for like a quarterly pair there's no no

manly payout in in stocks okay so for

dividend I mean for the unit trust it

can be done on the money

dividend payout basis money dividend

payout basis okay so basically of course

right now

you know maybe by the time we finish

this video the the the Oregon that you

need transit can be different so if you

are looking for those you need transit

pay out money dividend basis okay or you

can actually contact us

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you can join us on our seminar free

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investments Amina so that we can

actually uh you know share more with you

okay what is the lictors what's the

Karen are you know most of you know the

unit trust everything is best for you

yeah okay

so again okay again the next question a

lot were us is anyway oh it's can unit

tracer make money yes money the

objective almost of the unit trust is to

the Delta of reference against the

market okay so of course that's a stocks

not all sorts of good stocks some

rebates or something because also same

thing for you interest they are good

unit trust they're so bad unit trust so

our ways to have our try to streamline

to find out who you trust the able to

perform better than the market okay so

thank you very far sharing with us about

the unit trust okay of course we have

more things to share view that would be

in our next video

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