Understand Voltage, Ampere, Watts and Unit of Electricity

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there are various terms these people use

by talking about electricity in regular

conversation the meaning of which we

might not understand on all these

particular terms impact with this video

we will try to explain some of these

basic terms which you might use but

might not be aware on the exact meaning

of the same firstly what is voltage

while buying appliances many a time you

might look at their voltage for example

you might go for a 14 watt CFL or a 3

kilo watt geezer but what exactly is

once what is the rate of electricity

consumption just like speed is the rate

of distance traveled as speed is not

always equal to the actual distance

traveled what does not mean actual

electricity consumption the actual

number will depend on the time for which

it is used

please note just like all other units of

measurement one kilowatt is equal to

1,000 watts

now you may think what is one unit of


just like distance is equal to speed

multiplied by time electricity consumed

is equal to number of watts multiplied

by time it is most usually represented

in kilowatt hours on kWh which in daily

language is called as unit of

electricity as you might see on your

electricity bills

the electricity meter in your house

shows the number of units of electricity

used or kilowatt hour of electricity

used so how can you calculate

electricity consumption of any appliance

this formula shall work in many

appliances but there are some appliances

for which it might not work for example

wattage mentioned on an air-conditioner

is the value of voltage when the

compressor as well as the fan is on but

air conditioners have thermostat that

switches off the compressor when a

desired temperature is achieved and it

gets switched on again when temperature

increases similarly appliances like

Geezer Electric Island refrigerator all

have the most

so the calculation of voltage is not as

straightforward for all appliances what

is voltage just like water flows from

one point to another then there is a

difference in the heights of two points

electricity flows between two points

only when there is a voltage difference

standard voltage in India for a

single-phase connection is 230 volts and

three-phase connection is 415 volt this

brings us to our next term ampere as we

mentioned when there is a voltage

difference electricity flows between two

points this flow of electricity is

measured in ampere ampere is the rate of

flow of electricity that is why when you

have to buy a wire for your house you

should go for a thicker wire when the

value of ampere required is high and

thinner wire when value of ampere

required is low how is what is related

to void an ampere wattage of an

appliance is directly related to voltage

and ampere the formula is wattage is

equal to power factor multiplied by

voltage multiplied by and here in a

residential connection the value of

power factor is quite close to 1 now as

the voltage is constant that is 230

volts the number of amperes is more if

the voltage is more that is where you

need thick wires for an air conditioner

we will explain more about power factors

in one of our future videos

these were some basic terms related to

electricity which will help you

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