You Must See This 1950s Typical Family At Home

the family that we're going to see is

the white family there are typical

family as and you may see in that in

this family some of the things in your

own family Frank is a father he's a

little bit Curt and quick but he has the

good help for his children in mind Milly

the mother is more sympathetic and

perhaps a little closer to the children

Lucy is just entering the teenage and

Tom is almost at the other end he's a

pretty sophisticated young man this

morning we're going to look in in at

them reading the Sunday paper having a

little discussion and looking at the

comics for the day

is that the sports section

yes damn Lucy did you forget something

what bunnies are all over the floor oh

no lunch you gonna pick him up well tom

was reading them too I'm still reading

Lucy pick up the funnies and stack them

neatly on the couch what are you

standing there for

I have something to say I don't think

you're being reasonable there's no

reason why I should be expected to do

things that Tom gets out of but that's

not the main thing I mean chances are

that I would have come into the room and

I would have seen the papers on the

floor and I would have stacked them and

put them on the couch instead of having

to be told anyway I had something

important to do you have a point there

Lucy a very good point did you see when

you act like a child your mother and I

forget ourselves we slip

oh it's natural enough but when you're

reasonable like now we can treat you as

an equal

sometimes we slip and sometimes you say

sometimes we slip when you don't what

are you gonna do now Lucy I'm gonna go

and talk to Mary no wait you're right

sometimes we do slip when they shouldn't

all right

oh you were just a little sarcastic

Frank I slipped I'm sorry wait doesn't

know I just finished this part well I'm

going next door and talk to Ed family

life is made up of a series of incidents

some pleasant and some not like this

certainly the end of the world doesn't

come with an incident like this but it

gives us some chance to see how the

adolescent actually behaves in a family