"How to prepare Asado Argentino" Promotional Trailer

learn the secrets and techniques to

prepare the authentic Argentine asado

now on DVD the renowned grill master

Marcelo Blanco shows us all the steps to

prepare an authentic pompous style grill

from the different cuts and ways of

roasting the meat to how to start the

fire and obtain the ideal temperature of

live coals to achieve that unmistakable

flavor of grilled meat recorded in high

definition at lasting 140 minutes this

DVD also includes how to grill on the

cross grill and on the rotary plow the

techniques used by the Gauchos on their

journeys across the extensive Argentina

on bus also the traditional side dishes

of a Clio shall grow such as sauces

typical salads and grilled vegetables as

well as advice on which wine to choose

to enhance this delicious combination of

flavors this unique edition includes a

book with recipes and ingredients for

the special preparation of meat a guide

to bind the typical cuts in any butcher

shop in the world plus some secrets to

obtain the best Creole grill the

constant interaction between Marcelo

Blancos words and the advice of the book

will enrich your culinary knowledge

and we'll turn you into a real argentine

grill master