The Moving Magnets Of A Phono Cartridge

greetings YouTube JC here with a video

just for fun took some interesting

images earlier this evening of the

magnets in my audio technica photo

cartridge now to show you what we're

going to be looking at this is a diagram

of an audio-technica photo cartridge not

exactly the model that I have but it

does show the unique design that Audio

Technica uses where they put all of the

moving parts of the cartridge on the

cantilever itself and therefore anything

that's actually in the cartridge body

does not move you'll see the cantilever

down here this is the stylus tip and the

stylus rides in the groove of the record

and picks up the vibrations and those

vibrations are transmitted up the

cantilever here and there are two moving

magnets here they're called a vector

aligned dual magnets directly above the

magnets are a set of coils and these

coils are for your right channel and

these coils are for your left channel

and they are shielded from one another

with this new metal shield and this is

what separates the right and left

channel in your cartridge so I was

goofing around tonight with my camera

and I got a replacement stylus for my

audio technica 301 EP cartridge today

and I decided that I would take some

groovy pictures first off let's look at

this picture this is a top view of the

stylus that goes into my cartridge one

of them this is the conical stylus and

here are the magnets and you can see

there's the cantilever that goes out

there this is where the cartridge is

actually mounted up into the body when

you put the stylus in and got a better

shot here this is the stylus that I took

out of the cartridge that's on the

turntable and I put it into another body

that I have this is the Akai PC 35 body

with the suspect stylus in it and we'll

zoom in and take a look here and this is


pretty good shot and you lose resolution

as you zoom in but here you go here's

the stylus tip itself

there's the cantilever and here's the

mount with the cantilever going into it

and it has the magnets on it in this

image this would be your right channel

here and this would be the left channel

and I think I figured out exactly why

this particular stylist didn't sound

very good and had to be replaced if I

jump over here to this image and zoom in

if you look very carefully here you will

notice that one of the magnets is

actually looking like it's skewed off of

its vector a little bit so this would be

the right channel and this would be the

left channel and the right channel is

the one that's been giving me the

problems and if you look really closely

you can see that it almost looks like

it's loose in the mount and I'm

wondering if that's what might have been

causing the problem the new stylus that

I got today is a hyper elliptical for

this cartridge and there's absolutely no

distortion whatsoever coming off of that

one it sounds absolutely wonderful

signing I thought you guys would like to

see those images or just find it

interesting the way Audio Technica has

their cartridges designed that the

stylus is actually carry the moving

magnets when you hear about a moving

magnet cartridge that's what it means

and before we sign off here I want to

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thanks for watching JC wavin bye-bye