How To Play The Trumpet - Beginning Lesson On Making A Tone


hello and welcome to this free mini

course for beginning trumpet players

bayi trumpet lessons calm

I'm Brett mangas I'm glad that you want

to play the trumpet and I'm gonna help

you get started off on the right foot

now in case you don't realize I'm gonna

be sending you a new lesson every few

days throughout this little mini course

each lesson is going to present a new

skill or a technique or concept that

really lays the foundation for trumpet

playing now this course is for beginning

trumpet players and we start with laying

a solid foundation from the very

beginning in that full lesson program at

each Rumpel lessons calm we get into a

lot more detail for not just the

brand-new beginner but also for the

beginner with some experience too if

you've already been playing a while it's

a great program for you because it gives

you a chance to review your fundamentals

and make any Corrections to improve your

tone and technique and I especially

encourage you to follow through with me

if you've never worked one-on-one with a

teacher before any adjustments that you

might want to make are gonna be much

easier right now than later on down the

road when they become more of a habit

plus your development and your

improvement is going to be a lot easier

if you have a solid foundation of good

technique I've seen lots of trumpet

players really struggle as they try to

improve because they just don't have the

basic techniques down the best trumpet

players still practice the basics

athletes are the same you know Shaquille

O'Neal practices free throws

scratch that Kobe practices free throws

the point is the best performers in any

field still focus on fundamentals and

that's what we emphasize in these

beginning travel lessons alright let's

get going we're going to start off by

learning the right way to produce a good


now some musicians like guitar players

have it really easy in this area their

tone is determined mainly by their

instrument and if you just pluck one

string it makes a sound nearly identical

as if Eric Clapton himself played that

note trumpet players though spend their

entire careers practicing and focusing

on their tone now I tell you this as a

beginner because I want you to be

patient with yourself if your tone just

doesn't sound clear as a bell right off

in fact I can almost guarantee you that

it won't but be patient

I'm gonna help you develop a nice clear

tone so the way you produce a sound on

the trumpet is by buzzing your lips

together I'll show you this first

without the trumpet now if that concept

of that idea buzzing your lips together

seems really strange to you let me ask

you to go back in time back when you

were about four years old and you were

angry or frustrated and you just wanted

to spit and you act right not an adult

spit a little kid spit now take that

same sound and extend it out a little

bit longer


all right that's progress now I'm

guessing that the sound you made is

maybe a little rough more like a and the

sound we're after is closer to a cleaner

now to get that clean sound you want to

first make the corners of your lips nice

and tight those tight corners are gonna

kind of firm up that whole muscular area

and make the set of your lips a little

bit flatter in the front you don't want

a pucker shape like like you're kissing

your aunt tilly and even though I use

the spit reference you're not really

spitting and you don't want a lot of

spray out there look at yourself in the

mirror and make sure that the underside

of your lips or that wet part aren't

visible when you make your buzz just

like it when you say the letter M M so

let's try once again cheeks in tight not

puffed out the corners of your lips are

going to be really firm and the front of

your lips are going to be relatively

flat not puckered up pause the video

here if you want and try buzzing a few

tones on your own

how'd you do were you able to clean up

that buzz sound a little bit now another

reference that you might want to think

about is to make your sound more like a

mosquito buzz than than a dirt bike

sometimes the idea of speeding out a

hair maybe you're a seed can also help

you get that right concept in here kind

of a if you find that your your buzz is

pretty rough really focusing on

clenching those corners and making them

nice and tight and firm so now that you

can buzz let's put a trumpet in front of

it now in case you don't know your

trumpet assembly is pretty simple the

mouthpiece goes right there in the lead

pipe give it a little bit of a twist

just to firm it up you're fine to hold

the trumpet start by making a little

shape of your hand like this and just

put your thumb in front of the first

valve and your other two fingers around

the other that ring finger then is going

to go through that ring on your trumpet

and your pinky then just rest behind

that on your right hand hold your hand

as if you're going to catch a ball the

thumb is going to go just between those

that first and second valve in there the

first second and third fingers rest on

top of the valves and then that fourth

pinky just rests on top of this pinky


now take a big breath and try to get

that buzz again into the trumpet go

ahead and play

all right how did you do are you keeping

those corners nice and firm now you

probably played one of two notes and

either one is fine you played either or

and again either of those notes is fine

be sure though that you're not pressing

your trumpet into your lips with brute

force you should be able to make a tone

just by holding the trumpet gently in

place and using good steady air pressing

that horn into your lips is one common

mistake that beginners make and if it

becomes a normal habit for you it's

really gonna hold you back and hinder

your ability to improve practice making

nice long tones on any note that you can

produce don't try to play too high or

too loud just aim for a consistent tone


now I know you're a brand new player so

playing with a consistent tone it is

probably a pretty tall order so just do

your best with it and that's basically

how to make a sound on the trumpet I'll

cover more with you in the next lesson

but for now I want you to learn to be

comfortable buzzing both without the

mouthpiece and playing a tone with the

trumpet use a mirror to make sure that

your embouchure is tight at the corners

and that your lips are flat in front and

not puckered and not spring spit all

over practice this do a few minutes

buzzing without the horn and tree you

can also try to vary the pitch a little

bit like if you start to get fatigued

just take a rest then add the trumpet

and aim for a consistent tone and again

I know that's just one note for now but

I'll tell you if you can start by

playing one note really well then you're

way better off than playing 20 notes

badly so try to get some consistency to

your tone and then in the full program

I'm going to teach you some ways that

you can really develop that sound into a

really nice clean tone the quality of

your tone is is crucial actually because

it's the basis for everything that you

play on your trumpet so I do invite you

to go check out that full program at eat

rum pot lessons calm now practice this

buzz practice your tone use your mirror

to watch for good form listen for a

clear sound and I'll see you in the next