What is a Trojan Horse Virus?

a Trojan horse also known as Trojan is a

type of malware designed to provide

unauthorized remote access to a user's


the term gets its name from the great

story of the Trojan War according to

Greek mythology Greeks offered the

Trojans a peace offering in the form of

a large wooden horse however when the

Trojans will the horse behind their

closed gates there were soldiers hidden

inside the horse and they climbed out

and open the city gates allowing the

Greek army to capture the city frozen

horse software also operates the same

way where city can be imagined as your

computer and the horse is often a

managed ship's computer program

appearing to be useful rosen's do not

replicate by infecting other files on

computers like viruses instead they

often survive going unnoticed they may

sit quietly in your computer collecting

information or setting up rules in your

security chosen horse can steal various

data such as credit card information and

can also install more malware into your

system some of the most common things

students can do are creating backto

which makes changes to your security

system so that your data and device can

be accessed by their controller spying

some Trojans are designed to wait until

you access your online accounts and then

send your data back to whoever is in


zombie computer some Trojans just want

to use your computer as a slave in a

network controlled by a single Hecker

frozen's can also infect smartphones and

the most common way for criminals to

make money is by using them to make your

phone send costly SMS messages to

premium numbers so what does a Troezen

look like well rosen's can look like

just about anything the computer game

you downloaded from a strange website

the free mp3 song by our favorite singer

or just anything you downloaded from an

unauthorized source so it is better to

install a good anti-virus program not to

mention with a legit license

stay away from questionable sites do not

download pirated materials that could be

a reason why software and programs worth

of hundreds of dollars are offered to

you for free and never click on the

obvious links

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