TRAVELING TO HAWAII!!! her first time!!!!


hello and good morning guys it is

currently 1040 1040 a.m. everything is

packed ready to go the meeting Jill and

approximately two three minutes still

deny our going on the most exciting trip

that we've ever planned in the span of

our friendship this is like something

we've talked about since we became

friends so it's pretty wild that like

this is happening we've wanted to do

this for years I'm like going although

our flight was supposed to take off 40

minutes ago we were supposed to like

leave at 10 a.m.

our flight kept getting delayed now it's

1 p.m. so Jill and I are gonna head to

the airport at 10:45 I was out like a

full afternoon there and like we land

and it's all bright and beautiful but we

will land and still see the sunset so

it's fine and we're off to the airport

I guess well you know what we're going

to suit the title we're going to Hawaii

which is my favorite place in the entire

world whenever I'm there it's just like

this is really annoying me there's

something about Hawaii that just makes

me so happy and Jill's never ever been

so another huge part of my excitement is

getting to see it through her eyes which

is like seeing it for the first time so

I'm just I'm so excited for her for us

for me but I have to pack up my laptop

because we're going to airport let's go



we are here throughout the airport 1102

12:08 so we should be boarding in like

five minutes I'm so excited portable

wires it's happening we went to

Starbucks matching drinks we also got

saluted because we're I'm going to need

to fuel up before our six and a half

hour flight we're gonna be playing Sims

oh thank you like the entire flight

that's my plan


along afternoon one of the door the and

in a poor



we are here in Oahu Rozelle

honestly saying we are fully planning on

crying tonight like we're well aware

that we've like it happened yeah in the

car a few times to get a little watery

it's seven o'clock here which means it's

9:00 in LA I'm crying I'm starving so

we're gonna go to Duke's on the beach

are you ready to go I'm just so ready to

go hit the streets go to the beach I

can't because there's no vacation we got

an extra shot in there too

I need to first what can you do we got

our food Jill got fish tacos because

fresh fish in Hawaii and I got a chicken

crispy chicken BLT a moment I'm so


Waikiki see there was amazing and now

we're going to the ABC store to pick up


your bottle alignment good morning guys

hello it is 8:30 a.m. we are getting a

good head start to the day we woke up at

7:00 so we've been up and like planning

for I look nude we're about to hit the

streets of Waikiki and go to a little

coffee some that we found I'm so excited

it's gonna be amazing and then we're

going to the beach because how else

would we start this trip yeah we have to

get this on our morning stroll

everything is fine dad can't believe

we're here

this isn't the cutest coffee shop


in our coffee shop which was the cutest

ever also I'm gonna have a full blog

post on everywhere every night just so

you know make sure you subscribe to my

blog to do the truth no that's ok thank

you so much and now we are off to the

beach and it's only 9:30 in the morning

so we are we are so look how beautiful

and there's the beach straight ahead


is it cold oh yeah oh my god it's nice

right here we are as you can see it I

made a little uh the key me chain this

time it was very subtle we're here on

the beach and we're gonna see you in a

few hours two hours late tail it is now

noon we've done oh my god it's so bright

I've been tanning we went in the water

we've been doing all things it's been

amazing it's already noon only it's only

noon actually we've been up for like

five hours at this point a full morning

and now we're off for the rest of the

afternoon which is more activities we're

gonna go to lunch and then we're gonna

go on a hike there's so much going all

of us trip guys I planned it all last

night and India time it's gonna be the

best trip ever

yeah all right guys we are back in our

room and we stopped hmm on the way back

to the hotel because it was like a block

away and also we're going on a hike and

it's gonna be really really muddy and it

could be raining and we just don't white

shoes with us we didn't really think

ahead and bring shoes didn't care about

so we went to H&M we just picked up

eight just twenty dollar pair of shoes

which is perfect these are so cute too

for twenty bucks like I know these cute

little penguin these are adorable

there's gonna get changed and get

ourselves together then we're gonna go

to lunch on this really cool place on

Google now we're going to and then from

there gonna go to the hike and that's

the media are after him we're so hyped

we are just so happy I know this is very

traumatic but it's my first freaking

time in Hawaii I was Italian and like

this is something we've talked about for

so many years and the fact that were

here together it's just like

mind-blowing me yeah yeah

check call for the car now oh yeah it

again my

I write this like marketplace which is

so cool this is our lunch spot not only

one health bar and cafe all right I got

my sandwich it's like the portobello

mushroom sandwich the provolone cheese

some tomato lettuce like everything I

could want this place is amazing so we

just finished lunch it was so good and

now we're gonna do our waterfall hike

I'm so excited

it's called manoa falls trail so we're

gonna head there now it's like 20

minutes from here


look at all those chickens we know you

watch the vlogs yes Sara shot it to you

this is free straw this is for you oh

they really can run just parked and it's

a beautiful beautiful day like no rain

nothing the last time I do this hike it

was like full-on downpour


we discussed the waterfall but it's

raining now so I thought I cameras away

I don't want to risk them getting ruined

but like oh my god this is amazing

like it's like a full rain shower like a

Sun shower


this rainbow low are you getting me back

in the car we did it

amazing hike it was so fun and like in

the rain and like everything just so

beautiful and it is four o'clock we just

got back in the car

obviously heading back to the hotel

which should be like 20 minutes and then

we are doing a spontaneous activity

tonight which is gonna be sick


and his best friend's ride tryin to

holla at me


little bit later we made a very quick

change so we got to hotel change and now

we are off to the beach again because

we're going to do a sunset cruise cruise

yes it's gonna be the best thing ever

Hawaii on this boat








8:22 we've realized that the tannest are

at the kick in oh it happens we have a

lot of burns on our legs but it's fine

it's gonna be fine by tomorrow we're

gonna feel better we're going to dinner

we're going to the station right now

me too sushi sushi it feels right hey

hey for two you just got our food very

excited we're sitting on the balcony and

I have the Laughing Buddha roll which is

like bunch of veggies it's totally vegan

but I also added Fuji host dinner made

it back to the shoreline but it's the

cutest little sign oh yeah I also love

the font I don't know it's weird to say

to appreciate but I really do enjoy it

it's all and this is our best friend 10

p.m. finally back at the hotel I'm so

happy to be here we are so exhausted

we've been up since 7 a.m. which is I

mean many hours at this point and we

haven't just like sat around all day

it's been a whole day exactly like you

were doing amazing things no no it was

an amazing first day first day I can't

like their first day I cannot believe it

tomorrow we have another full day as I

told you guys I planned out every single

day like perfectly if I do say so myself

and I'm so excited for it tomorrow we

have so much going on and seeing what

the next day and the next day and I mean

there's a lot but yeah I hope you guys

enjoyed this vlog I hope you guys are

excited for Ali's future Hawaii vlog

huge shout to the shoreline Hotel

Waikiki because they hooked us up with

this room and you know they're having us

here which is also incredible and this

hotel is stunning you guys are going to

see it for the next few days it's pretty

awesome I'm gonna have a link it down in

the description for you guys to check

out but it's 10 p.m. we're ready for bed

and we are about to start editing our

photos finally we haven't looked at

really any so

it's gonna be so much fun and we're

gonna get an early night because we're

gonna wake up early tomorrow morning for

another day and height so that's about

it I love you guys so much and I'll see

you tomorrow with another vlog