Hit or Miss Episode #12 DeWalt Trigger Clamps / Choosing the right clamps

the secret to choosing the right plant

clamping pressure


hi everybody I'm Mike and welcome back

to shop today on this episode of hit or

miss we're going to showcase

Dewalt trigger clamps but before we get

right into the review I want to go over

or it provides some tips that I've

picked up in order to build the

collection of clamps that everybody

needs you know as a woodworker you need

clamps it's inevitable

well clamps are expensive and if you

start adding up or trying to calculate

how many clamps you need the price

becomes astronomical so the first

simplest tip I decided to adopt was the

direst ax method and Jimmy dressed in

one of his vlogs gave the tip that every

time you go at Home Depot buy a clamp so

I decided to take that one step further

and I budgeted $35 a week now at Home

Depot you're limited to either

Dewalt or Bessey's that means in one

year you could have 52 clamps and that

would even provide you a wide variety so

week one I went in there my attention

was to buy a Betsy parallel clamp and

the 24 or 36 inch length and then I saw

this one by D Walt and what this one

caught my eye is notice the throat depth

here how big they are and it has this

flat part so and for a significant price

reduction compared to the Betsy decided

to give it a try well I will tell you

right from the get-go this I don't know

what the point of this is so it looks

good like it's gonna give you this nice

flat surface but this is too soft and

too pliable they even when you pinch it

it's not gonna be level so I realized

that was a mistake

and this 36 inch was cheaper than the

Betsy 24 inch in the parallel clamp now

being someone that is consistent in

everything I do we - I went and I bought

another one these 36 inch clamps then I

decided to put that on whole to look

into maybe other ideas because like as I

said it wasn't until I bought the second

clamp that I realized that this doesn't

really aid in anything okay you know it

was really a waste it was a mistake yes

I saved money but this did not provide

me the benefit now what I've also point

out is this def right here is the exact

same depth as the Bessy parallel clamp

that's what made the deciding factor I'm

trying this cuz like well I'm not losing

anything so I thought and

we went into week three now if you've

ever been home deep what you will notice

they have a lot of combo packs

okay well this combo pack right here is

a four pack that you can get at Home

Depot pretty much anytime you want for

$35 you get two 6-inch clamps and you

get two 12-inch clamps now when I want

to buy these they happen to be on sale

so they were only $30 now my plan was

then on the fourth week because I like

to have even numbers I was gonna buy one

more set of these well when I started

using these and I've been using the

DeWalt clamps for about six months so

I've got pretty good use out of them

well once I got this set and I started

using these little six-inch ones I

realized okay there was something amiss

and when I went to the fourth week I

said you know what I don't think I'm

gonna buy any more of these and this is

what led me to discovering the clamping

pressure being such a factor so let's go

over these DeWall clamps now the wall

categorizes their clamps in either small

medium large or extra-large and that

size delineation refers to clamping

pressure once again we're going back to

that this general theme of this video of

clamping pressure cuz I started using

these little six inch and they're very

convenient they feel wonderful like you

know they feel sturdy I've got a

lifetime warranty now what I found very

quickly though as these can't hold


oftentimes I use 6-inch clamps to put a

board down since their height is pretty

low right here say I want to do use the

hand plane of something and I don't have

any bench dogs on my table I don't even

have a bench vise on this particular

bench so I'll put a clamp as a stop and

maybe put it on two different sides and

this wouldn't stop I mean you keep

hitting with a knock this loose I've

even sometimes use these just to hold

down a tool like I have a little belt

sander has a hearty man holding that I

found these is pretty much useless in

the four pack I started researching

other clamps and then that's why I

discovered clamping pressure and back to

when I said the sizes okay

well in this four pack this is

considered medium and these are

considered they're large and mediums are

only a hundred pounds of clamping

pressure so then I can figure out right

away why these are junk versus you go to

the large and it's three hundred

pounds of climbing pressure and that's

sufficient it's pretty good I would say

you want better and then that's where we

go to extra large extra-large has 600 so

then you've doubled still and you're not

doubling in price I've come to the

conclusion that you don't want anything

less than large then you've got 300

pounds of clamping pressure and if you

can you can get the extra-large and the

nice thing is almost every size comes in

the extra-large you get from 12 24 36

and 50 in the extra-large now in large

you do they do have eight six in now a

lot of people might ask why in the world

would you choose squeeze clamps or

trigger clamps over any other clamp and

what I found is for one I love the idea

that it's a single handed operation what

I found is with you get one when you

have these kind of clamps f-style clamps

even though this little head right here

pivots when you put enough pressure on

this and you're twisting it does make

this whole pad wanna twist and I found

many times my board wanting to slip as

I'm torquing you down so when you're

using f-style clamps you have to put so

many and then just keep gingerly going

around in a circle and just you know are

doing a cross and it seems like it's a

little more annoying that with this as

long as you keep this square between the

board obviously if you have this at a

bit of an angle when you clamp you can

make the board's slip as well now there

is definitely a downside to this because

it leaves these kind of clamps when you

clamp them you can lay them flat on a

table obviously this triggers in your

way so that doesn't work good when

you're trying to sit on that table so

there are limitations now a plus with

these dEWALT's is especially when you

get to large large and extra-large have

this very simple you can remove that and

now you can create a spreader bar and

that's a feature I actually like and

I've used many times which is another

reason why I do like the squeeze clamp

style now my understanding with the

waltz is all of them allow you to do a

spreading function but you notice here

you're gonna have a screw so you'd have

to unscrew this put over here so it's

not exactly this quick and easy push

button and you know and you're good to


now I apologize I don't have a project

in processed

test these out on so of course you have

to take my word for it but what I want

to do is give a quick example of where I

think these spring clamps with a

spreading of people I asked why do you

need a spreading function and I'll show

you why I do a lot of boxes that have

box joints and I enjoy that now normally

when I make these they will be

protruding so what makes it difficult is

when you're gluing these together and

you sit here and you grab your clamp

you can't go even use this one on that

one so when you decide to do a box joint

and the way I do mine is I always have

these fingers sticking out so that I can

then sand them flush and give a nice

much more refined look well you can't

exactly go here with a clamp I go right

to the edge because then you'd be

pushing on the end of this part you

wouldn't actually be clamping this it

becomes a real challenge you get the

clamp in the right spot to get even

pressure down the line so what you end

up having to do is go just past your

fingers now when you do that what ends

up happening is you're squeezing here

even though you're close to it

it makes the center on a bow it

especially using pine like this so we're

one of these spreading function can help

you as then you can go here to the

center and help keep this nice and

square and parallel while you're coming

here you can keep this from bowing okay

so hopefully I provided a good overview

of my process on choosing clamps that

you yourself could adopt and hopefully

you found some interest in even these to

wall clamps and as I've stated it really

does not matter what brand you choose

like I said it's the clamping pressure

that matters and I would say don't go

below 300 and what's kind of nice about

the waltz is unfortunately they don't

work on here it's not obvious what this

is not if you look at the tag you'll see

it but it's not very noticeable now the

key that I found a little secret is

whenever you see a large clamp it's

always going to have a push button and

then the secret for extra-large since it

also has a push button you'll notice

that this trigger is silver the

extra-large has always have this silver

metal type release while

the large is metal but it's just flatter

pieces this is more pronounced so from

at a quick glance you can tell where the

extra-large clamps are and which ones

are the large so I hope you found this

video informative even did smash that

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any tips of your own on how to choose

clamps or the way you go about

purchasing clamps let me know in the

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