Tips for a Successful Triathlon Race Day

probably spent months and months

training for your race and then suddenly

it's race morning you're at the start

you're looking around at all the other

triathlete signore swim wave waiting for

the gun go off and wondering how am I

going to get through this hi my name is

david glover i'd like to share with you

some of the tips and strategies that i

picked up over the years both as an

athlete and as a coach help you have a

successful race so once the gun goes off

here's a few key things to remember

first stay in the moment by this i mean

just focus on what you can do right now

so if you're at the start and the gun

goes off just focus on starting out at a

steady pace not too fast and get into

that first buoy once you get to that

first booty try and get to the second

buoy and so on it doesn't really do you

much good to worry about the bike in the

run when you're at the start of the swim

so focus on what you can do it in the

moment the second is remember it's your

race so even though you're out there

with all these other athletes and you're

going to get ranked and scored against

them it's really your race and by that

you know focus on doing the best that

you can do you're going to make mistakes

in 100 plus you races I've done I don't

think there's been a single one where I

haven't at least made a few mistakes you

may forget a gel you may go out too fast

you may drop something in transition

stuff happens just do the best you can

and move on remember it's your race and

finally be aware of ebb and flow and ebb

and flow refers to tides kind of coming

and going and by that I mean you're

going to have highs and lows during the

race so be one moment you might feel

great on top of the world another moment

you might feel really bad and it it

varies it some races you may feel more

get some but you may put more bad but

just be aware that you're going to have

those harder moments

and then that's really where you have to

kind of dig a little bit deeper and just

keep going because chances are you get

around the corner over the top of the

hill you're going to feel a little bit

better so just keep going and finally if

I can leave you with one final piece of

advice remember to always always thank

the volunteers they make the race and

without them we wouldn't be out here

good luck