The Art of the Trial Close (including tie downs, anchors)

hey it's Michelangelo Caruso I'm doing

sales training here in Illinois and we

talked a lot today in sales training

about something everybody wants to know

everybody wants to know how to be a

better closer because closing of course

is how you get paid babies right if you

can close everything's cool so despite

the fact that there are things like

prospecting and qualifying the prospect

and beating the screener and then your

sales presentation itself and dealing

with Q&A in the sales presentation and

what else allowing the prospect to

actually talk during your sales

presentation remember the best sales

presentation is when the salesman isn't

talking right despite the fact that all

these other things have to happen

everyone wants to focus on the clothes

and how to be better at the clothes I

actually teach twenty-two closes but I

want to tell you something if you're not

setting up the clothes properly it

doesn't matter how many clothes as you

know your sales will suffer in fact one

of the best techniques is something

called the trial clothes and that

happens here and here

and here you might trial close three

times in a one-hour sales presentation

and the reason you do this ladies and

gentlemen is to get the prospect moving

in the right direction to get the

prospect nodding his head yes in

agreeing with you trial closers are very

easy but very underutilized trial close

to sound like this

does this sound good to you so far mr.

prospect you might say what do you think

so far does this sound like it could be

a good fit for you mr. prospect and you

keep nodding your head yes like one of

those bobble heads right because if you

can't get the prospect to do small

little things like nod his head during

the presentation you'll never get the

prospect to do something big at the end

of the presentation like sign a document

or authorize a purchase you see so you

want to use trial closes to set up the

real close my name is Michelangelo

Caruso more sales training tips on

YouTube on Twitter on Facebook and on my

website Michael Angelo Caruso calm