A Travel Writer Shares His Best Tips

I'm Pico aya and I'm a travel writer

I've been traveling the world and

writing about my travels since 1986 I've

written 15 books and more than a

thousand articles and I've been talking

and traveling with the 14th Dalai Lama

for 45 years over the years I've

developed some tips for how to become a

better traveler here they are tip number

one walk walk and walk and walk

letting a place introduce itself to you

walking allows me to reflect while I'm

observing it's a human pace Singapore is

a perfect place to walk and to see

cultures of East and West come together

in always surprising words tip number

two observe I travel in order to wake up

to open my eyes so when I'm in a new

place I want to see everything around me

a hotel is a city in miniature there are

short stories taking place in every room

and on every corridor I love to observe

dramas unfolding around me will this be

tragedy or comedy or simple romance

he keeps twirling his straw what's that

toss of the hair mean what do they say

tip number three reflect at the end of a

busy day go to a quiet place to collect

your thoughts and make sense of

everything you've seen reflection is how

you turn the sites you've seen into

insights it's how you turn experience

into meaning walking and observing how

you gather the ingredients of your

travel reflection is how you turn them

into a meal if you follow these tips

you'll return home a different person

all the great travel books are love

stories that's why the best trips like

love stories never really end