Transferable Skills in Today's Market

hello and welcome to this video the

career services team at Rasmussen

College would like to discuss

transferable skills with you to help

offer guidance and clarity on how you

can leverage them across any

professional context throughout your

career transferable skills are skills

that you can take with you from one

situation to another or one job to

another they add to your value as a

professional and are a foundation to

ensuring that you are career ready

so first let's consider the job market

at the time when this video was recorded

the unemployment rate percentage of

college grads employed and job security

we're all quite good while this is great

for anyone currently job seeking it is

important to keep in mind that the

market can change at any time that means

that thoroughly preparing yourself to be

an appealing candidate to employers is

going to be key to ensuring your job

search in any market climate will be

successful transferable skills are a

critical aspect and making sure that you

are career ready

no matter the current state of your

local job market recently polled

employers agree that while the current

job market is good they are still seeing

a gap in the soft skills they'd like to

see in candidates the soft skills are

referring to are also called

transferable skills that means that

employers are actively looking for

transferable skills in anyone that they

consider a candidate and a lack of

strong transferable skills will likely

eliminate a candidate from consideration

from an employer's perspective strong

transferable skills are just as

important as your education and

credentials they are an essential part

of the foundation of what makes a great

employee the great thing is Rasmussen

College prioritizes building

transferable skills into our programs so

as a student or graduate you likely

already have strength transferable

skills strengths that you may not even

be fully aware of and they have

hopefully in many ways become second

nature to you as you've navigated your

program we'll get into more specifics on

what exactly those transferable skills

are and what they look like a little bit

later in this video

recently surveyed employers have also

indicated that a lifelong learning and

adaptability are an important part to

the retention and development of their

employees they expect further education

and ongoing professional development to

be a natural part of an employee's

progression transferable skills are

crucial to your ability to pursue that

type of development as they support your

ability to expand your knowledge and

increase your experience further

developing and refining your

transferable skills themselves is going

to be an essential part to growing as a

professional and being able to

successfully manage increased

responsibilities this in short means

that transferable skills help you

deliver on the expectations an employer

is looking for and continue thriving as

a professional over time so what are

transferable skills exactly let's make

sure that we're all confident on how

transferable skills are defined

transferable skills are portable skills

that are relevant across many scenarios

they can help you conduct yourself as a

professional and support your career

readiness transferable skills are

transferred with you from one job to

another as I mentioned previously we

also call these soft skills Rasmussen

College defines them specifically as

communication critical thinking digital

fluency diversity and teamwork ethics

and professional responsibilities

information literacy and digital fluency

you can find a specific video explaining

each of these skills in more detail on

the Rasmussen College Library and

learning services YouTube page and on

that page there is a specific career

services playlist where you can find

those videos I strongly encourage you to

check those out

once you've finished watching this video

being proficient in transferable skills

is what lays the foundation for you

being able to succeed in your career

your education and professional

credentials are of course important but

the transferable skills are equally an

important piece of the puzzle to help

you become a fully career ready

professional so to break these down a

little bit further

Rasmussen likes to think of transferable


falling into two categories the first

are personal skills which are things

that happen internally within you the

second are global skills which you which

you use to impact and interact with the

external world around you so commonly

when people think of soft skills or

transferable skills they think mostly

the global skills particularly

communication or diversity and teamwork

that makes sense because those who are

typically the most easily seen and what

impact the people around you the most

ethics and professional responsibilities

also clearly affect other people but we

tend to only think of those when there

are problems in that area which isn't

particularly common in a day-to-day

workplace so when you're beginning to

learn about transferable skills it might

be easiest to start with those global

skills those are things that you can

easily practice with a friend or even in

front of the mirror by doing role plays

and helping to practice those skills by

speaking things out loud and running

scenarios that you might encounter as

you work through that make sure to

reflect on how important it is to be

aware of the effect that you're having

on other people around you a career IT

professional is somebody who can

effectively treat others in a

professional collaborative and

respectful manner the personal skills

which are less visible are still

incredibly important to your ability to

conduct your work in your career

successfully it might be helpful to

think about how these transferable

skills are practice in the classroom

setting for example you have to seek out

relevant relevant information so you can

process it and use it to build knowledge

you do that all the time in your classes

then you have to apply critical thinking

to what you're learning problem-solve

and apply your own reflections to your

assignments and you have to effectively

use digital tools to express ideas those

things are all transferable skills

thinking about the way that you've

learned and use those skills in your

classes will hopefully be helpful in

connecting to the way you might think

and approach tasks in your professional

career hopefully knowing that you're

already familiar with exercising some of

those skills will help you build

confidence in using those transferable

skills in a professional setting - they

you so much for viewing this

presentation on transferable skills we

hope that you have a better

understanding of why they are important

in the workplace as I mentioned please

be sure to check out all the other

transferable skills videos that go into

more detail on each one those are

available on the Rasmussen College

Library and learning services YouTube

page on the career services playlist of

that page you can also find more

information by visiting Rasmussen

College online library and learning

services website and searching there for

the keyword transferable skills best of

luck out there thanks for listening