Traffic study to be conducted on Marquette roads

a new traffic study in Marquette will be

looking to make right Street Sugarloaf

Avenue and county road 550 safer the

study will analyze traffic flow

pedestrian interaction turning patterns

infrastructure along with many other

factors the study will also look at the

trucks from eagle mine using those

intersections the work is being done by

an engineering and planning company from

Lansing called dlz money from the study

is coming from london mining we are

working together to ensure that it is a

safe and viable transportation corridor

for the city of Marquette and other

people that use it and we will be out

there with our consulting team taking

some traffic counts and compiling some

information for the safety of the

community in the movement of traffic the

traffic study will begin at the end of

April the results of the study will be

presented to the community and the City

Commission sometime over the summer