Headphone Accident Study

the headlines are tragic young people

wearing headphones killed after a train

or other vehicle slams into them a

Maryland case prompted University of

Maryland pediatric emergency medicine

researcher dr. Richard volition Steen to

study whether pedestrians wearing

headphones face safety risks when I just

started doing a basic search of looking

at headlines and the literature I found

that this was actually seeming to be

reported more and more there was a

nearly four-fold rise in these accidents

over the period distraction likely plays

a role in these accidents whenever

you're like running or you know walking

around or listening to music you're

you're allocating some of your brain to

listening to that music and and the

other parts do the activities that

you're doing and you really can't do

both of those things at a hundred

percent of 116 cases studied 70%

resulted in death to the pedestrian more

than two-thirds of the victims were male

and under the age of 30 more than half

of the accidents involved trains and in

nearly a third of the cases some type of

warning horn was blasted just before the

crash the results are published in the

journal injury prevention I'm bill Siler