The Real Traditional Family

there's this crazy idea out there that a

traditional family is one with one

heterosexual man living with one

heterosexual woman in a house with

offspring who have a biological

connection to both of those sorry

that's a modern family and it's actually

a prescription for insanity as far as

our biology is concerned let me tell you

what a hunter-gatherer family looked

like where there were lots of powerful

strong women it was a roving encampment

of extended family members that may get

as big as 35 to 40 and then split off

into into two groups and keep moving

along foraging hunting by the way

hunter-gatherers only worked about 20

hours a day all work places were baby

friendly because you wore your baby to

work but you also had unlimited

childcare because you had sisters

auntie's nannies cousins all living in

the same group and they all had a

biological interest in some way to this

child you had some men very small

percentage actually that were pure

hunters that roamed and spread their

seed around to other encampments and by

the way when women helped those hunters

hunt they brought back much more protein

and in the few hunter-gatherer societies

that exist today on the earth they've

actually found that the gatherers bring

back way more calories than the hunters

but of course if a hunter brought back

something huge like a woolly mammoth he

got lots of meat to share with lots of

women and you know he had access to more

women the other thing that's very

important to understand about our

species is that we are the only species

in the world except for the pilot whale

and the orca whale is to have menopause

now think about it why would nature have

intended for women to have a good 1/3 of

their life where they are a wise

experienced efficient energetic but for

infertile but sterile why well of course

is to help raise those grandchildren the

human brain you know triples in size in

the first year of life it must that this

baby must be carried this long before a

Gerber baby food and strollers and

everything I had been carried by

somebody and fed continuously for many

many years on end so those young mothers

who had an active young mother

themselves a grandmother helped out had

more success in their G

stayed in evolutions link so what is a

traditional family a traditional family

can be anything it could be two women

raising a child two men raising a child

it could be a group of people raising a

child the most important aspect to a

traditional family is consistency

consistent scare givers a revolving door

of parental figures like you know mom's

boyfriend dad's girlfriend or nannies

they get fired every week is really not

good for the developing human brain it

starts to make them feel anxious and

insecure so consistent attachment

figures are very very important and for

all you single mothers out there I'm one

by the way I'm there 114 million single

mothers we're raising one in four

American children I want to remind you

to take very seriously your dating and

mating life because one of the dangerous

place most dangerous places for a child

to live is in a home with a non

biologically related male they have

eight times the rate of emotional abuse

physical abuse or sexual abuse so be

very careful about who you choose who

you choose to expose your children to

but at the end of the day if you have

grandparents around if you have brothers

and sisters and cousins your child will

fare better than plenty who are in a

traditional family