So You Want a Toyota Corolla

will you be my Valentine get it cuz it's

got heart and the in the wheel and you

see it it's pretty cool there's one

right there and then there's one right

that it's pretty well there's it's part

of an unboxing just that you should know

we tell ourselves sometimes in the world

that WR X's and s to thousands there

somehow reliable cars especially at a

young age even though you know it and I

know it because they're not okay we get

used to lying to ourselves when we build

cars you know pretending that we know

more about the cars than the companies

that actually built them because we are

men and that is what we do and girls do

it too it's not intentional okay but we

really do start to believe that little

voice in our head that does tell you no

good they come in and like hey it's

gonna be okay buddy all right

coolant in the transmission that's okay

we'll get it fixed all right and let me

tell you it's not okay but if I tell

myself enough then it probably will be

okay there's been cars out there though

that don't betray you there's been cars

out there that are just like they're

just the perfect car cars that were

built with one thing in mind which was

peace reliability okay cars that want to

break like they don't want to break your

heart but they didn't want to be that

constant drawer that always has Girl

Scout cookies in your kitchen and if you

know that drawer it's it's a banger okay

I'm Alice Alice I defined Instagram and

today we're gonna be talking about one

of the most reliable cars out there a

car that legitimately

is damn near impossible to prematurely

break okay a car that would make your

parents proud okay and insurance agents

angry because they won't actually make a

lot of money off of you because your

testosterone-filled male that owns a car

that typically you just wouldn't own

okay today ladies and gentlemen we're

going to be talking about you wanting to

own a Toyota Corolla




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back won't get you sick you won't get

Nanna sick it's gonna be a good time

okay anyway the Toyota Corolla meaning a

small crown in Toyotas name lineage was

introduced all the way back in 1966 the

same year that the USSR in the United

States told each other that they

wouldn't nuke each other from space

because apparently that wasn't fair the

girona Corolla took little to no time in

the populated apartment because it

quickly became the most popular car sold

by 1974 and in 1997 it became a

best-selling nameplate in the world

beating my boo the good old Beatles okay

and by 2016 what's around my glasses and

my 2016 had sold over 44 million cars in

the world right that's what I'm saying

44 million the only other time I've ever

had 44 million of anything was when I

sold my Halloween mask which was Green

at Barack West one time before GE was a

thing and I GE became a thing and I

bought an aged yes once that whole thing

dropped it started spaying at some nudes

oh my god some nudes I didn't even know

what nudes were when I was playing old

school runescape

I was beating up noobs in Edgeville

that's what I was trying to say and now

we're just here this is uncomfortable

the car would be introduced as Toyota's

flagship entry vehicle that was sold

pretty much everywhere to everyone

for every single purpose you could

possibly imagine the car was rebadged by

GM during times under holden sold with a

different name plate in the beginning

depending on what cheap metal was used

then just had a bunch of little weird

corks and things about it that could

pretty much just get the car everywhere

in the world and I always had a focus

about you know creating like a car that

people like you and people like me

really enjoyed a car that just worked

okay the first generation of the Corolla

we're small hey they're predominantly

rear-wheel drive with a little tiny baby

motors because most of them were a

little baby mowers that's just how it

went the Corolla was also incredibly

popular not just because it was a good

car but because Toyota decimated all

when it came to supply chain and

management structures mostly during

Corolla size okay there's a couple times

for Toyota wasn't doing that well but

they could get them everywhere in every

country and like a damn dandelion it was

a good thing for Toyota Toyota would

continue to price their cars always

always slightly at or below competition

and due to easy availability and never

having to worry about stock and they're

just kind of always a little bit ahead

of the curve around EPA regulations and

their importation laws they pretty much

just stayed way ahead of the curve and

the Corolla just thrived everywhere it

went it was a car that really just

wasn't backlogged by the long arm of the

law it was just a car that snuck in it

was goody two-shoes it was the baby

brother that never got in trouble it was

the golden child if you will of Toyota

and fun fact ether TS are third gen

Corolla same just saying the real major

touch of attention was in the fifth

generation Corolla back in 1983 through

the fifth generation which introduced

the iconic a e85 and 8086 okay this

would be the last generation that would

also offer the Corolla in a real wheel

drive format bangin alright these bad

boys were a firecracker of a car okay

light is how easy to modify and cheap to

own it was insane that Toyota was able

to even make a car like this and I

really just wish they could come back

and do it again everything you need to

have fun around a racetrack or Canyon

Road the ae86 was that okay also here's

a remark talk about initial G because

there's got to be an initial D joke in

there somewhere

cue the D joke the car was iconic

but ultimately we'll need a separate

video for that I'm not talking about

because just like ei we're just gonna

squeeze that one out you can as a lesson

in the comments if you want us to talk

about it more okay maybe anyway the ae86

was a banger of a car and a car they

gave toyota some much-needed love and

attention in the motorsport department

back in the 70s and 80s and all that

time there was everybody and their

mother getting into motorsport and

Toyota wasn't really vibing in it that

much and they really wanted to show that

they could create a car to a growing a

growing group of automotive enthusiasts

in Japan and it worked tremendously well

over the last time the curler would get

too crazy in the sport car realm because

curlers aren't inherently known for

being incredibly sport oriented okay

they aren't a car that was built to go

fast it wasn't really a car that was

built to really take any chances if you

will okay not many maverick drives with

these cars okay mostly just people that

want good gas mileage decent space and

you know like not really having to worry

about the car sales never really even

deviated for the Corolla either it was

just always good it was always there it

was like opening up you know you're

covered for food and just always finding

that same roll of Oreos that you've had

for the last two-and-a-half years okay I

don't know what to tell you but the

Corolla is just a good car

the most recent generations would

ultimately get wagon versions hot hatch

virgins am I just what the [ __ ] is going

on with my English they would get wagon

versions hot hatch versions okay they

got the word sport added to the name and

be sold in every conceivable trim color

design and body style you could possibly


because guess what guys and gals Toyota

is loaded okay but we're not here to

talk about the history of the good old

Bud Light of cars okay we're here about

you wanting to talk about owning one how

is my English this bad right now we're

here to talk about you wanting to own

one of these bad boys so you'd want a

Toyota Corolla

okay well set down your favorite limited

edition initial D DVD okay and grab your

favorite Yeti water cup because we're

about to jump into what it's like to

owning one of these very standard very

they're just

they're like the Wonder Bread of cars

it's just a you just can't be mad at

Toyota Corollas are one of the safest

bets and owning a car it's actually

almost insane how safe of a bet a

Corolla actually is it's like playing

Halo on easy mode it's everything you

could possibly want to do to a car you

do with a Corolla and it's gonna forgive

you for making a mistake

I would actually tell the curl as being

right next to the Mazda Miata in terms

of being able to put up with your okay

it's like the tutorial mission and

modern warfare 2 it's like playing co-op

Halo 3 and only having to write in the

Warthog at the end of the season and not

actually have to drive I mean it's just

anyway the older generations although

knee aren't really something most people

modify and that's because most of them

have kind of just fell away these don't

really exist anymore broken-down cars

like that especially how they were made

back then with the sheet metal and the

lack of rust repair I mean they pretty

much just literally broke apart you

really won't see much of interest until

the fifth generations which was

ultimately with the 85 in the ae86 which

hosts a plethora of modification support

they're fun they have a fantastic wheel

base setup they're very short and

they're very narrow and the community

that surrounds them is pretty

substantial the ae86 specifically has a

ton of love behind it although they can

have some wiring issues over time the

car itself is the Miata of the 80s right

Jarrod moving into the newer generations

the cars remain relatively simple from

most therefore most enthusiast wheels

end up being anything and everything

with really no design preference I mean

you jump out in the gallery there's

pretty much everything tires are the

same way pretty much BC coil overs are

the only thing that is predominantly

popular in Toyota Corollas from a brand

perspective but again people run just

about anything which brings up an

interesting thing with Corollas why our

car modifications around this platform

all over the place well that is a good

question stranger danger

okay the Toyota Corolla was massively

produced and hit the widest audience of

car owners out of nearly any other car

that exists in the world this means that

the 35 year old dent is down the street

that owns one also happens

be I mean just another Joe Jane perhaps

my god

this means the 35 year old dentist down

the street that owns one in the 16 year

old that was forced to buy one from the

parentals have the same car and that's

not very typical the wide range of

people that own these are usually all

across the board from ages and interest

demographics all that sort of good stuff

okay and because people have become a

hodgepodge lodge of things all summed up

into this one so you go to curl a

platform the interests are literally

across the board if you're someone

that's looking to pick up one of these

regardless of generation you're gonna

keep these like little like things about

the car that in the back of your head

because they aren't inherently a very

sharp or aggressive car they're not a

car that is like a sport oriented

vehicle that's a car that's just a car

man a lot were made but they can still

have some issues the CVT transit an

oddball and that's one you're always

gonna want to stray away from if

possible otherwise get one and make sure

you have a warranty on it the car is not

necessarily a rockstar in any single

department either it's just good in a

lot of them they aren't really too quick

nor are they inherently that sporty

unless you really give them lots and

lots and lots and lots of love however

they are really a car for that they're

mostly just a car for you to get from

point A to point B and enjoy the way

that it looks and drives and feels it's

pretty much mostly that's a car that's

looking for somebody that's easy to own

easy to maintain doesn't get too much

for it in any real major way and can

have some wheels and tires and maybe a

little bit of a coilover kit on it just

to make it look decent and that's what

the Toyota Corolla really does well it's

really not meant for a hardcore

enthusiast more than it's really meant

for somebody that it's just well a car I

mean the Toyota Corolla is just a car

that also just wants to go through and

it's 9:00 to 5:00 and get to work and

get back and not really have to worry

about being broken in any single way

shape or form there are some wheels on

it there are some tires on you pretty

much all set to go and if you want throw

some tint slam it on the ground and it's

still a Toyota Corolla the good news is

is the more conventional vehicles get

the more people get creative in terms of

doing modifications to it I absolutely

love when like a standard car has some

nice wheels tires

maybe coils or air and it just looks

good because you still got the four

doors you still got the trying to sit

out all the space in the world and it

still looks decent so what do you think

about the zero to curl let us know in

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but yeah that's all I got

wash your hands don't touch your face

hopefully this all passes over and if it

doesn't well I got three cats so I'm

good I'm Allison fitment industries

we'll see you later peace