How to Wind a Toroid

some electronic circuits require the

winding of small toroid like this if you

only have to whine a few turns as in

this case it is relatively easy but if

you need to whine say 50 or 100 tons the

task is almost impossible I will show

you a method to whine small tools like

this it requires some passions however

you will get the work done first take a

plastic card and cut a strip that has a

wide that is smaller than the inner

diameter of the Tauri


then make a knot at each side of the


take your magnet wire unwind it over the

plastic strip

now that you have your magnet wire on

the plastic strip all you have to do is

to take one end of the magnet wire and

start winding on the toroid as shown in

the video

it takes some time but at least you will

not make a mess with the wire

after you wind 10 or 15 turns you can

bring together the windings and apply

rapid glue and then continue with your


in this circuit this part of the

inductor that has 150 turns was wound

using this method