Topographic Survey Using Total Station Part:1

hello friends this is my nog from civil

Center and I welcome all of you back to

our channel so as you can see we are in

front of a total station here so as you

have seen here in our earlier videos

total station is basically a combination

of EDM that is electronic distance

measurement and cue light so it measures

distances at high accuracy also we can

get the XYZ coordinates of a point that

is we can get the easting/northing and

elevation so in this video tutorial will

see how to operate a total station so

let's get started so friends this is my

colleague neighbor and Paria he will

operate the total station for you so as

you can see these are the three tripods

of the total station now the first thing

we need to do is we have a point here as

you can see this is a point which we

need to Center so the first step is the

centering of the total station so for

the centering we need to adjust our

total station and view the mark with the

help of this optical plummet as you can

see he is viewing this Center mark with

the help of this optical plummet it

should come at the center so that the

instrument has been centered properly so

the after the centering will do the

leveling of the tota station now we will

find out how to level our total station

using this three foot screws so first we

will switch on our machine so as you can

see our machine is being switched on so

after our machine has been switched on

we will level the machine with the help

of our foot screws so as you can see we

have a circle here and the center we

have a bubble so this bubble need to be

adjusted so that it is at the center so

as you can see our operator is using the

foot screws to increase the accuracy of

the bubble now you can see this almost

at the center

so after the minutes and seconds are

minimized we can say that the instrument

has been leveled now after leveling of

the instrument

we'll proceed further to take our

readings so before starting a new work

we need to create a new job in our total

station so this is how our total station

screen looks like so first we go to the

option of data and that is in f3

so we'll press f3 for the data and then

as you can see we have the options of

job known data and code so first we'll

select the ocean of job and then we'll

press Enter

the job is selected and we pressed enter

so now we have the option of job

selection job details and we have other


so first we'll go to our option of job

selection enter now as you can see there

is an option of job selection and

coordinator job so the one thing to be

noted here is that job selection and the

coordinator job both should be the same

so we can go to a list option which is

under the option of f1 so we'll press f1

for the list and you can see the list of

jobs so as you can see the job 19 job 20

Friday all are empty so let's select the

job 19 and in the coordinate job option

also we'll go to list and then after the

list appears we'll also select the job

19 because in both this jobs that is the

job selection and the coordinator job we

need to have the same option so now

we'll press ENTER and then next we'll go

to our job details after going to our

job details we'll press ENTER and then

as you can see the job name is job 19

you can change this job name here which

is like editing in the name of the job

using this keys so we can name it as XYZ

and the scale

we'll keep as one so we can now press

okay using the f4 option now as you can

see that our machine is ready for the

work to be started so friends how did

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