How is Autism Diagnosed?

so the process to get into ABA and help

write specifically is a child needs to

have a diagnosis of autism ABA is

covered by insurance but only if you

have an autism diagnosis the process is

sitting down with a psychologist and

interviewing the parents about their

behaviors looking at previous testing


school data and then we do a structured

observation of the child that compares

their behaviors in that setting with

what we know about autism and then

confirming that the diagnosis is there

if they meet enough of the criteria for

autism if they're a young child some of

the things that you want to look for our

lack of eye contact lack of being able

to engage in pretend to play so for

example if you have a toddler and they

are not interacting with baby dolls

they're not really using them to try to

play pretend to to rock them or put them

to bed oftentimes they prefer to be

alone as opposed to be with other people

they don't start interacting with other

kids we call that parallel play moving

to more of an interactive play they

prefer to just continue to stay solitary

so difficulty with socializing with

other kids repetitive behaviors such as

toe walking rocking spinning those are

the classic signs many kids with with

autism spectrum disorder have these

heightened sensitivities to things

tactile things auditory things Oh

factory and thermal and as a result of

that they they often recoil from

situations and and develop an

intolerance for for being in certain

places and in certain environments and

the reason many of these kids have food

related issues is because of

sensitivities that they have from an

oral standpoint they can't tolerate

various textures in their mouth they

can't tolerate the smell of food or

even the taste of food for example so

those would all be some early indicators

once they've been diagnosed they get

referred they get referred to hope ridge

and they start the patient paperwork

they'll set up an initial evaluation

time with typically at the BCBA

who will meet with client they'll meet

with the parent or the guardian they'll

go through the last bunch of questions

they'll determine if ABA is the right

Avenue for this client and how many

hours would be appropriate once we have

the staff available then they come in

and we get started I think parents are

afraid of the label of autism sometimes

and afraid that this is going to change

the course of their child's life and

really I've had no one come back and say

they wish they hadn't labeled their

child autism because I'm beginning to

accept a diagnosis of autism starts the

therapy for it so it really opens up

their world it doesn't close it down